What's up guys, hope you've all been grinding away at your fitness goals this week!


I want to give you some encouragement.


You see, when you decide to make a big change in your life, things can seem impossibly difficult.


You likely want results faster than they are coming right now.


You probably feel like giving up completely


Or maybe you have been skipping clean eating and a few workouts here and there.


Well, there's a really simple way of getting your positivity back.


This is important because positive thinking drives you forwards


I'd be willing to bet that when you first thought about starting a new fitness program, you felt excited, right?!


Maybe not as excited as getting a new car, or booking a holiday...


But excited nevertheless!




Why has that feeling drained away?


What feeling used to get you out of bed at 6am to go for a run?


Where has the focus to do a healthy food shop and make your own clean lunches gone?!


It's simple!


Negative stuff in your life literally DRAINS you off positivity


Yep, that areshole at work is stopping your 'gains' bro :-)


Because you only have a limited amount of willpower, energy and positivity to go towards transforming yourself...




"You have an UNLIMITED amount of times you can recharge your batteries and get back after your goals!"


So as you're reading this, think of all the little (or big) stresses and inconveniences you've had this week...


Have you recharged your batteries to balance this out?


Didn't think so.


So this weekend - REFOCUS and RECHARGE


get your food shop DONE


go for a walk in the mountains


go for a coffee with a loved one and have a good talk


Leave the shite of the working/stressful week behind you


And give yourself every opportunity going to CRUSH next week


This will take you one step closer to your goals.


Doing nothing, not taking action is what most people do


And most people, are taking average or below average levels of action


And complaining about getting average results in terms of dropping fat and building muscle.


Success takes an EXTRAORDINARY amount of work








Action taking








Whereas you don't have to do anything to be a failure.


Failing is the EASY option.


Success is a result of taking MASSIVE levels of action.


EXPECT problems


EXPECT everything to go wrong, it will.


But just RECHARGE yourself when you can and you'll be in the top 1% of people who actually get a change in their body, mind and lifestyle.


Have a great weekend.


Speak soon




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach


Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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My aim is to fill our program with 10 new people, then close the doors and spend 2016 getting phenomenal results with these people.


On this program you will get:


1) Our habit based, rule based nutrition system


2) Your own coach for every step of the program,


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This is done relentlessly over 12 weeks, then we’ll sit down and talk you through our goal setting system to set a longer term goal and work specifically on the areas you are weak on.


This whole process allows me to systematically transform your body by installing new habits and actions that will support your lifestyle and goals long term.


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