The 'Get Back On It' Omelette...

Seemingly for no reason?


Here's what to do to 'get back on it'....


I always wish I had a magic 'panic button' that would get me back on track.


The magic button doesn't exist unfortunately.


But here's what I do instead


**drum roll**


Welcome....the "Get Back On It Omelette!"


STEP 1 - I buy some fresh veggies; tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, spring onions, olives and feta cheese....things like that.


STEP 2 - I buy some eggs and butter


STEP 3 - Then I put the butter in the pan & crack some eggs! Now I make an omelette or scrambled eggs.


STEP 4 - As that's going on I chop up some veggies and put them on my plate, when the eggs are ready, I put them on the plate too.


STEP 5 - Eat. I am now back on track...


The health panic solved in 5 minutes!


Because the KEY to getting back on track actually lies in rituals...


Rituals set your mind up for success.


Always eat the same breakfast?




That's a ritual.


It set's you up for the day mentally just as much as physically.


The above example of the 'get back on it omelette' is actually a ritual of gathering food, cooking it and eating it.


Make sense?


Thinking doesn't get the job done.


Action does.


Eating healthy food gets your mind back thinking of your goals - you start to daydream about what's possible.


Your mind drives your goals, so this is awesome.


And finally, the warm, wholesome foods you're eating trigger some nice chemical reactions in the body.


You'll feel happier just because you're eating.


Not 'hangry' any more!


But satisfied, optimistic and best of all..


Making and eating a meal that will help your goals gives a sense of achievement that's the exact OPPOSITE of cheat meal regret....


Remember guys, powerful rituals get you back on track.


But they don't have to be complex.


I hope that this picks you up if you're losing your way today, go make your own 'get back on it' meal.


Train hard




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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