The Mission of Raw Strength....

You know that moment when something just 'clicks' ? Like you suddenly and very clearly see WHY you're doing something?

Well, a few years back that happened for me with my career as a coach.

You see...

Right now I train adults who want to transform their bodies

But I never started out this way...

I first wanted to play professional rugby

But wasn't good enough and probably I didn't work hard enough too..

I then got my degree and started working as a strength coach within pro rugby

Then started my own biz

Then trained young athletes (teenagers mainly) to be super strong for rugby

And over the past 5 and a half years of running the business

You know what?

I thought that I always wanted to work with athletes

Hell, we were even called 'The Gym for Athletes' for 4 years!

I thought it was only about getting people strong

But the reality is:

"I want to help people get strong, fit and healthy for a REASON"

The reason?

Because feeling good, full of energy and strength makes YOUR LIFE better

You'll deal with adversity and stress much easier

You'll simply USE the JOURNEY of gaining strength to Transform Your Life

When I was solely focused on sport, I couldn't see any other aspects to life

But there are, of course, very many areas that a stronger, more energetic body & mind would help you:

> career

> family

> friendship

> holidays and adventures

> creativity (i.e. in hobbies, art and music)

All of these I have experienced in my own life

There is NO reason to not have the strongest, healthiest body you can possibly imagine

And everyone can achieve this.

So there you go

That was my 'click' moment about 2 years ago

When I realised that I was training people to have an incredible LIFE

Not just incredible physical strength

Want to transform your body, mind and life?

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So I can understand what you want to achieve

Then together we'l map out a plan for smashing your goals

And the next step?

Starting our 12 week body transformation system where we will radically alter the way you live your life

Sound good?

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Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington