The ONLY Way to Transform Your Body...

If every year there are more programs, diets and new personal trainers and coaches than ever before...

...WHY are there more obese, weak and unhealthy people than ever before?

I believe the reason for this imbalance lies in much time we are all willing to sacrifice in the pursuit of excellence.

Going to the gym is like going to school and studying something intense like Law.

Yet people approach fitness as if all they have to do is wake-up, put on their trainers and eat some spinach and they should be getting results.


Would you wake-up one day, dress up in a nice suit/dress, grab a briefcase and a legal textbook and then expect to become a lawyer and win in court?


Success is NOT just going through the motions, buying the gear, eating the foods...'s literally HAMMERING away at the boring, daily details until you master the craft.

Your body WILL NOT BURN FAT just by eating healthy:

You have to give it time to adjust, stop craving and burning sugars and TEACH it to switch to it's own bodyfat stores for energy - this takes at least 4 weeks.

Your body WILL NOT GET STRONGER by lifting weights you can already lift:

You have to get uncomfortable, swear, sweat and get pissed off at the bar so it moves one inch at a time, one single focus on the rep because the weight is so damn heavy you can't hear anything, see anything or think of anything other than lifting that weight!

You couldn't learn a new language just by opening a textbook and browsing it for a couple of weeks.

It takes time, practice, failure and reptitive efforts.

This is precisely why you may be frustrated at a 'lack of results'

When really it's a lack of time 'hitting the books' so to speak.

Maybe you've been guilty of this in the past?

I know I have

We all want results right away.

We likely think we're doing more than we are.

But how big a slice of time is one hour's workout, if you're going to live for another 40-50 years?

It's nothing, right!?

So is that one workout going to have an effect on your life?


But 10 years of hammering away consistently for 3 days per week certainly will.

I'm not saying that's how long it takes to get results.

But the mindset of being in this for the long-haul, no matter what, whatever it takes....

....that's how you will WIN.

So be very clear on what you expect from the time you've put into your goal so far.

I used to get annoyed when I was 8 or 9 years old because I wasn't as tall as my Dad.

I would literally start crying and be really frustrated at this!

Yet whilst it was IMPOSSIBLE in that moment for me to be tall enough

If I waited long enough and just waited for my body to GROW, then the result was DEFINITE.

So remember:

It's IMPOSSIBLE for you to instantly change into having the body of your dreams

But it is DEFINITELY going to happen. Just do the time.

Lying to yourself, self-deception is the BIGGEST DREAM KILLER of all.

This is when you tell yourself you're going to do something and NEVER do.

So today, let me ask you a question:

What would happen if you just did what you were telling yourself you were going to do?

No drama, No excuses, No putting it off until tomorrow.

Readily take Action. NOW.

Talk to you soon


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington 

Let's say that you joined the program today, what would happen?

Well, we'd give your current strength levels a kickstart with a powerlifting program consisting of squats, deadlifts, bench press and pull-ups

this triggers the body to rapidly adapt and build new muscle, which then improves posture.

The way you look will become leaner and more athletic.

You'll train in the gym 3x per week with your own coach and in a group of around 8 other men with the exact same goal.

We train with weights and we're going to teach you how to lift from scratch.

We also use ropes, bodyweight movements, kettlebells and some intense conditioning workouts so you can stimulate the fat burning process.

The whole program is coached in detail, you're never left alone, instead we'll guide you step by step through each workout.

We also aim to help you stick to a nutrition plan with detailed goals every week, but laid out in a simple way with meal plans, example recipes and support on this every day in our facebook group.

The nutrition is one of the most important parts of the program so we're really going to give you a lot of support and help here.

Plus we train hard in our private gym and have fun as a team

Proper training with a coach by your side AND great nutrition means that you are GUARANTEED success

So if you want help from my team and I please get in touch today

Here's the link to apply:

We ALWAYS agree on a result with you and together we achieve that over 12 weeks.

Which is just in time for when the sun comes out May-August holiday season

So plan ahead this year!

Here's that link again: