The truth! Nothin' but the truth!

Carrying on from yesterday's 'what they don't tell you about fitness' post....


here's a few more things:


1) you will NOT gain muscle from lifting weights


at least, not at the speeds you think


It takes 2-3 months of consistent weight lifting for a beginner to start gaining noticeable muscle.


Because the muscles prefer to improve neuromuscular aspects (co-ordination, muscle memory, technique etc.) first because they are less energy demanding.


Building muscle takes a lot of energy, so the body puts it as a last resort.


Even once you do start building muscle, 1-2 pounds per month is an amazing rate of progress.


2) You have ZERO chance of looking like a bodybuilder


When women (and men to be fair) tell me they don't want to look like a bodybuilder I sigh a long, bitter sigh. Because you won't.


Not only is it likely chemically/hormonally impossible for your body to look like someone elses.


But bodybuilders are some of the most disciplined athletes on the planet!


I doubt you are the top 1% of people in the world who can just pick up some weights and suddenly become the hulk.


That shit requires some serious work, sacrifice and persistence, not being mean but 100% of the problems you have right now with your physique are due to you not doing the work, making sacrifices and being persistence.


It's actually disrespectful to bodybuilders to say that you don't want to look like them, because you couldn't if you tried.


That said, there are of course a million great points us slightly lazier, weaker and less disciplined mortals can take from bodybuilders. Such as meal prep, supplements, recovery routines and the mindset.




Right now you may wonder, why the hell should I lift weights then?


Or, why Ant, do you get all your clients to lift weights and get them stronger?


Well, here's some more rapid-fire 'what they don't tell you' stuff:


> you can set black and white goals when lifting weights, e.g. have you lifted 100kg or not? Some people love that method of goal setting, me included.


> you can see a huge improvement in posture, decreased joint pain and a noticeably flatter stomach after 2-3 weeks of lifting weights, even with no muscle gain.


> the word 'tone' comes from the latin 'tonus' which is still used in physiology (I did a lot of that in my degree...yawn) to describe the partial/resting contractoin level of the muscle.


.....In short, want to be more toned? Lifting weights teaches your muscles to hold a higher involuntary level of contraction....kind of like when you pose in the bathroom mirror each look a little better than normal, right?!


> You can lift with other people, compare what you can lift with what they can lift, share technique pointers, set some challenges, dream about how strong you are going to be in a few years, the social side of lifting is huge!


> Bone density increases with lifting, the stress to your skeleton triggers thicker bones. Would you agree this would be great for us all as we age?!




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