There is no PLAN B...

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Let me share the ONE thing that transformed my life

Commit 100%

^^ so important

Here’s why...

When I was playing rugby during my teenage years

I had to be stronger and bigger every year...

…cos 15 year old boys grow quick

You don’t want to be left behind

Plus as soon as you’re 16 you could be playing against much bigger and stronger 18 year olds


I’d always be training

Yet never have a consistent goal

One month I was training for muscle gain

Another month for fat loss

And yet another for marathon-like endurance

The problem?

I never got better at ANY of these things


When I switched from a fleeting focus


Then I transformed myself

How can you do this with your own goals?

Well, imagine how your body could change with just 6-12 months of clean eating and intense training.

6-12 months of sticking to the basics. Eating healthy stuff. Showing up to the gym when you can’t be arsed.

6-12 months of ONE thing. Not changing diets every 6 weeks. Not trying new fitness classes. Just committing to one thing.

It sounds hard but the funny thing is...

When you commit to ONE goal things become:

> simple

> easy to focus on

> more motivating

….now where can you apply a single-focus in your life right now?

…where are you jumping from one unrelated goal to another?

Stop letting yourself off the hook

There is no Plan B

Set one goal, and do whatever it takes for however long it takes to achieve it.

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Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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