This is really sad….

I’m afraid today I’m going to start off on a very serious note.


You would not believe the amount of emails I receive from people who are in a really bad way.


They don’t believe in themselves anymore.


They don’t have life goals.


Their life consists of work/sleep/work on a repetitive cycle with no end in sight - and they’ve settled for that.


The minimal free time they do have is jam-packed with doing things for OTHER people.


Taking the kids to kid stuff. Meeting up with family on the weekends.


I don’t know how these people are trudging through life, day by identical day.


But they do.


Yet a few reach out to me and ask for help.


After they share their story and explain why they want help to get healthier I always ask, ‘how long has this been a problem?’


5-10 years is COMMON!


This is really sad.


I mean it makes me unhappy to think that there are people who could have better lives, happier and healthier lives, yet are stuck.


Almost as if trapped in a slow, boring nightmare. 


But none of us are getting any older, so it’s time this spell was broken.


…and here is my BEST method for doing so.


FIRST - ask yourself if you are truly happy in life. Look at the bad. If you carry on as you have been, will things improve?


Personally, I struggle with this. Last year I struggled so badly I wanted to shut the gym DOWN.


Long days, the wrong members of staff, nasty and vindictive clients, a lack of self belief. That was my life.


I went through 5 months of almost no training, eating shit, sleeping in to 9-10am (normally I am up by 5am).


I quit some hobbies too.


I had very little to look forward to in my life.


Then it hit me - I had OPTIONS.


I could choose to carry on as I had been - lazy, depressed, unmotivated.


But then I looked at what that would have got me:


a) fatter, weaker and more unfit


b) more depressed, more likely to eat shit food and stay in bed


c) loss of money, potentially losing a business I’ve owned since I was 22


This was PAINFUL as fuck to self-analyse and absorb.


And that is probably what’s stopping you do the same.


But do it, because you can’t make a change without knowing exactly where you are right now.


So that’s the first step.


SECOND - look at your schedule. Could you trim away some useless activity and get more organised?


Last year - during my darker months as I said - my schedule would consist of me waking up late, looking at the clock and wondering how the hell it had got to 1pm without me doing anything.


I would then go to starbucks, try to answer messages from my clients and employees, then turn my phone on airplane mode and hide.


Damn. This is actually quite painful to write and relive!!!! I was so shit and acting such a victim.


Anyway, I’d then drive to the gym and work from 4 or 5pm until 9pm.


And believe me, I got NOWHERE. 


I wasn’t doing enough to drive new business, attract new members, train myself, help my staff.




Compare that to right now, I have every single hour of my day schedule out as a script.




0445-0520: wake-up, make coffee, go for a walk

0520-0550: drive to the gym

0550-0700: coach 6am group

0700-0800: marketing tasks


and on and on


I get shit done.


I mean a helluvalottashit gets done this way.






Because my work is so efficient I also don’t feel guilty about having time off (something that plagues business owners and sales-type jobs)


So I enjoy my free time, and I enjoy my work because every 30-60 minutes I’m ticking off a completed task which is actually proven to give you a little dopamine hit




So what are you doing in your life that can be removed?






Useless trips to shopping centres? Order food online!!!


Useless trips out or drinks with friends who are only keeping you where you are? 


I don’t know your life, only you can do that.


But cut the crap and get a schedule


That’s the second thing.


THIRDLY - and now, onto the last thing for today as I’m running out of time (on my script, I’m organised don’t cha know!)


Take responsibility for what you need to do


And I don’t mean saying, ‘ooh I’m so responsible for this and that and him and her’




I mean quietly do the shit you need to do.


Show the world you can get shit done.


Need to do a food shop? Go do it.


Need to pay off some debts? Go do it.


Need to hit the gym? Go do it.


Stop saying you are going to do it (and faking the responsibility)


Shut up and go and DO (and be responsible for it)




It is sad when people are living quiet, depressed lives. I have been there myself.


In most cases you can get yourself out of the funk by yourself.


First, be honest and look at your failures and look at where you are headed.


Second, make a schedule that includes DOING all the actions you need to do to hit your goals.


Third, quietly do the shit that needs doing and demonstrate responsibility rather than talking about it.


The most common excuse I hear is “I’m too busy to >>INSERT FITNESS ACTIVITY<< and that’s why I’m fat”


Shut up and get your shit sorted.


I had to do it.


You will have to do it.


Now is better than later.


If you want some help, book a consultation with me for a FREE 6 week body transformation.


Book here >>


Think of it as a reset button for your life.




talk soon




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym