this'll really hold you back

Ever felt intimidated?

Or in awe of someone else?

Or walked into a group of people and felt you were the..

> ugliest

> poorest

> oldest

> weakest

> fattest

> skinniest

> shortest

> stupidest

Or anything else you lacked!

Well, you've probably noticed that these feelings kinda suck!

Feeling 'less than' is never helpful

So today I want to teach you how to overcome this.

Be a little bit cocky

Not recommending to walk round like a dickhead

But rather as a way to THINK STRONG - to protect your ego from being crushed from the 'less than' thoughts

I read a long time ago that you can never become something you are in awe of

Read that again please ^^


My understanding of the quote is this:

"to become something awesome you need to stop being impressed by it"

And one great way to stop being impressed by something awesome is to start thinking cocky (read: confident) thoughts about it.

You'll start to break the thing down and see it for what it really is

Which makes it more believable for YOU to achieve

Here's a few examples:

1) A jacked guy deadlifts 200kg in front of you. You cannot even deadlift 100kg

WEAK THINKING: "oh my god what I jacked dude, I'm a weak failure and I'll never be blah blah blah"

STRONG THINKING: "that's a great lift and I'm happy for him, but give me a year and I'll do MORE than that"

2) A strong girl squats more weight than you've ever seen, and you're jealous of her legs.

WEAK THNKING: "damn, I'll never have a boo-tay like that. She must have great genetics. I'm too old and wimpy and I'll never be blah blah f-ing blah"

STRONG THINKING: "if she can do it, that means I can too. Nobody starts out super strong it shall be earned!"

Make sense?

Watch yourself like a hawk for weak thinking

Replace it with strong thinking

Stop being in awe of things

Start being outwardly respectful, and inwardly DRIVEN

Have a great weekend

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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