THREE things I've learned in 2015..

We're coming to the end of 2015 and I have learned so much


let me share just three things that I believe will transform the way you train in 2016


so you can get the best, strongest, healthiest body possible and live a great life.





it's no secret that I HATE the fitness world


my background is rugby, strength training and real no-nonsense workouts


so I hate to see people fooled and scammed by 'magical' shakes, pills and powders


and personal trainers who have less than a month's experience yet are 'qualified' to train you


it is a confusing, contradictory and crazy world that the internet makes 10000 times worse

yet for a long time I thought that's how I should behave...


I used to get really intense before I coached people


To 'play the part' of a coach I would scare people


no shit - we used to have an 'initiation' workout that you had to complete before joining


(maybe I should bring that back....)


and I'd come up with gimmicks and try to get people to train with me to MY standards.


But, truthfully, I hated that stuff.


I just wanted to be myself, have a laugh, and guide and teach people just as I would if teaching my best friends.


So that's what I did.


All of the past 2-3 years I've coached like I'd want to be coached and the results have been amazing


But this year I've also created youtube videos where I just have FUN and tell stories (check them out here: so you can enjoy learning rather than slogging through yet another workout post about crunches and brown rice.


fitness can be such a boring world of jogging, chicken and broccoli that I've just decided to opt-out of the whole thing and make sure my clients have awesome lives and enjoy the process


cos if you enjoy the learning and the journey, you're going to stick to a training program long-term right? 


How can you do that in your own life? to enjoy the process?


For me, that's the biggest lesson of 2015, finding ways to help people ENJOY training and love the process.





Something I read about with US Army Ranger training is 'embrace the suck'


For the first 60 days of Ranger basic training, they sleep less than 2 hours a day and get pushed to the brink of physical exhaustion


basically, the instructors are trying to kill them, if they survive, they might be allowed to continue training.


Pretty intense.


But the interesting thing is the mindset these rangers have...


Instead of hating the process and moaning about minimal sleep and yet another long run with a log on their head...


instead they have FUN with it, see how much they can joke around and punish their body


Just become completely extracted from the experience and push the body from almost a third person viewpoint...


They call this, 'EMBRACE THE SUCK'


Embrace the fact that what you want to achieve is going to hurt


it's going to suck


every day is going to be painful


But growth is painful


So pain lets you know you're progressing.


I've applied this each day and I'm getting more work done in my business...


I'm training when I can't be arsed training


I'm getting up and writing each morning really early (like this email right here!)


So 'embrace the suck' in your own life and you'll be amazed at the extra FUN you have when doing crappy stuff!





This month I had a day where I woke up at 4am


a typical wake-up time for me by the way


I do this so I can have an hour to myself before the craziness of coaching and running a business


It's my special time and it improves my mood so much that it's worth an hour less sleep


But this particular day I felt like crap


I didn't want to be awake


Yet, I couldn't go back to sleep


I thought of all the people that depended on me for their programs


I thought of all the staff who depended on me to bring home the bacon with a successful company every day


...and I also thought about the recent photoshoot where I HAD to show my body had improved or else what the hell am I doing training clients?!


Damn, so much pressure.


But then I flipped it round on myself.


I realised that I was gonna get up and SMASH my to-do list for the day


And chalk up yet another successful day


But not because I was Motivated


becauase I am COMMITTED!


Commitment is doing work you MUST do when you DON'T want to do it


Motivation is requiring a push to do work you don't have to do when you don't have to do it


So let me ask you a question...


Are you committed to changing your body right now?


or just a fleeting bit of motivation?


And think about this...


If you had to lose 2 stone over the next 3 months or you'd die, let's say you had to have a life-saving operation and you had to lose the weight.... you'd get it done wouldn't you?!


Or if your family was held hostage and the terrorists demanded that you drop the extra 4 stone of lard over the next 6 months.... you'd have a bloody good go!


THAT is commitment my friends.


Apply that and you'll never need motivating again.





the three HUGE concepts I've learned and applied this year then:


1) BE YOURSELF (do a program that you love, not what you think you should be doing)


2) EMBRACE THE SUCK (embrace the pain, chaos and nastiness of training and nutrition so you can progress)


3) COMMITMENT (set your goals up in a way that demands commitment, post a friend your before picture, place a bet, do it for charity, whatever COMMITS you will work, Motivation is dead) 




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