unbelievable fitness truths


Today I thought I'd share a few 'accepted beliefs' that annoy me in the fitness world, stay with me, you may find the truth hard to handle....


....but after the initial sting, you'll thank me.




1) You'll have to eat MORE than you think.


If you've gained more fat than you'd like it can ONLY happen when the body has been in fat storage mode.


Fat storage mode is caused by undereating.


So eat more often throughout the day, rather than starving yourself then overeating.


This is one of the biggest mistakes I see when my clients first come to me, which leads us to....


2) You can't eat more food because you aren't hungry enough.


When you first 'get it' regarding eating more, it can be hard to physically consume more food.


You just get full really quickly!


And you probably aren't hungry at all.


Not being hungry means your hunger hormones are not being released in a natural way. This means you probably won't burn fat and you'll find it hard to eat food consistently and stick to a plan.


We want to feel hungry frequently throughout the day and 2-4 hours after each meal.


So the 'old skool' method is just shove the food down and stop complaining, in a few weeks your appetite will wake up as your hormone production improves (from eating more food).


Or - try eating calorie dense foods so you can eat the same amount of food, or smaller amounts, and get higher calories.


For example, a gram of peanut butter has more calories than a gram of broccoli. Switch to these types of foods.


3) You can't do cardio, running or cycling, and expect to lose fat.


Cardio or aerobic endurance exercise at a long, steady pace stops us burning fat.


But what do you see when January comes around and we all want to lose fat?


People jogging up and down the street!


Bad idea: Cardio stresses the body and causes stress hormones to be released, forcing your body back into fat storage mode.


This is WORSE for females, because ladies have a lower ratio of anabolic hormones and naturally have a higher propensity for fat storage, so anything that increases catabolic hormone balance is going to be a bad idea.


But it's still bad for guys.


Solution: Lift weights and eat to support your training.




My advice kind of goes against the traditional fitness grain doesn't it?


Trust me, so many of my clients are shocked when we ask them to eat more, stop running, eat peanut butter and lift weights.


But think about it, if running about and eating salad made you lean, you'd be lean right?


I know you've tried that and it didn't work.


The bigger picture is this, and people think I'm being morbid when I talk about it, but it's the truth....


You are going to die one day.


You can't diet for the rest of your life.


You can't do exercise every day if you don't like it to begin with.


So why are you wasting your life training in a way you don't like and stopping yourself from eating the foods you want to?!




It's time you ENJOYED going to the gym


Enjoyed (and understood) nutrition that works for you


And got results (the part everyone forgets about!!)


Who's with me?


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Talk to you soon