[VIDEO] Small But Strong 19/12/15

Do NOT be lazy this christmas

I have a belief that the reason January is the so called 'most depressing' month of the year

Is cos people have taken 1-2 months OFF from all exercise

Eaten shit

SLept more than they need

And neglected the human need for work and reward

Yep time off from work is great to chill

But life should be about DOING work and creating things that you can be proud of

Whether that's in your job, in music/art, with your family or having great memories with your friends

Whatever it is, you MUST stay active and happy

You wouldn't shut your dog in for a month and wonder why he was depressed

You'd know! 

So don't shut yourself in, even when things get busy, bang out one of our small but strong workouts

Anthony ShawComment