WANTED: 10 ‘Weight Loss Heroes’ to train with me and get in AWESOME shape – for CHARITY!


Wanna be a weight loss HERO?


Yes, it may sound a little strange, but I am looking for some people to do some downright INCREDIBLE things for charity and for themselves!


I’ve just finished developing a special new lean body transformation program that has been tested, poked and prodded inside Raw Strength over the last 3 months – over 20 people have tried it - and this thing just plain WORKS.


This program is aimed at QUICKLY teaching you the ins and outs of a healthy diet and creates RAPID changes in your body with HUGE improvements in energy and fitness, you’ll also use quite a few methods that not many people have heard of, let alone tried. Everything’s tested and completely safe, of course….but very different.


I’ve used these methods personally and with a private training group of clients and we all agree that we’re stronger, fitter and full of more energy than ever before.


This plan will involve at least 12 sessions of INTENSE and tough training, advanced nutrition lessons and a helping push from me, PERSONALLY, every step of the way!


I’m looking for 10 people who want to lose some weight…and make a difference in the world.


For every pound of fat you lose from now until December 1st - I’ll donate a pound to the charity of your choice. I also want you to get friends and family to sponsor you for the same deal - £ for pound.


I’m also going to sponsor your membership, 50% off from now until December 1st, but just for those first 10 people.


The selected 10 will be put through my ‘lean body transformation’ program and will be told everything they need to get a SEXY lean body in….




Before you start thinking – ‘there’s no way I can get a new body in 4 weeks’ or ‘this is gonna be bad for you’, hold on, you’re actually wrong and I have PROOF!


Myself and all of my clients have got incredible results (see THIS POST for the last group’s results) – plus there are NO calorie restrictions or diet pills – you’ll get to eat LOADS of high quality food!


There’ll be unlimited veggies and meat, fresh fish and lots of water involved and you’ll only be giving me 1 hour of exercise a few times each week – hardly extreme, right?


So here’s what I’m looking for in my ‘heroes’…


  • I’m after men and women who are SERIOUS about making BIG CHANGES to their bodies over the next month.


  • I want people who are able, DEFINITELY able to post DAILY online to get sponsorship money, to talk about their ‘lean body journey’ and how they’re feeling and also willing to let me use before and after photos as ‘evidence’ after you’re in AWESOME shape (can’t be getting sponsorship for nothing now can we!).


  • I’m looking for people who are sick and tired of the way they look and are DESPERATE to MAKE A CHANGE.


  • You’ll also need to be able to commit to attending Raw Strength Gym, 6pm or 8pm, weekdays.


If you’re one of these people then you MAY qualify for one of my places.


That’s it!


Pretty simple, right?


Yeh, getting a great new body is simple, actually. Tough, yes, but simple when you train with me!


But look; if this sounds like it may be ‘too hard’ for you, or requires ‘too much commitment’, then keep on walking pal, this probably isn’t for you, so there’s no need to keep reading.


So, why am I discounting the price and giving cash away for charity?


Is there a catch or a hidden agenda?


It should be obvious but I’ll make it really clear for you anyway.


I REALLY believe in this new program - actually belief isn’t required as I have complete evidence that it works – but I want to help people in need (especially as the winter blues are setting in, I want to give people something to smile about!) AND I want you to inspire the local community. That’s it.


You see, people are doubtful, they don’t always believe that amazing results are possible, so I’m looking for Weight Loss Heroes that people can look up to. You may not even believe in yourself yet, so let me PROVE that you can kick ass on my program.


Sure, I could just TELL new people to sign-up and take part, but the truth is, only a few of them MAY follow my new program, which is no good to any of us right?




At the end of this challenge I’m going to have a group of people demonstrating that ANYONE can get into shape, and FAST. You’ll show people absolute PROOF that it can be done to anyone who even remotely doubts it. And you’re going to show them in ‘real-time’ too, with real, honest and non-photoshopped pictures!


Once ‘people who aren’t with me yet’ see YOUR results for themselves I’ll have no problem at all building a tight-knit community of lean and strong people.


There you go, THAT is the reason I’m doing this. It’s out there for all to see, open and honest.


So go ahead and ‘sell yourself’ to me by telling me absolutely anything and everything about why you think I need to know about WHY YOU should be one of the lucky 10 who are GUARANTEED to get FAST changes in their bodies within the 28 days.


I’ll be choosing the lucky group myself and will announce the winners on Sunday 27th October, so there’s no time to hang about.


If you want in and you’re SERIOUS (you gotta WANT this!) then leave your message in the comments area below.


Or you can email me, Anthony, at: RawStrengthGym@gmail.com


Prove to me WHY it should be you and I’ll turn you into an inspirational Weight Loss Hero!