Warm Up Like The Gym’s on Fire


One of the most common things new clients say when they first come into the gym is, ‘man your warm-ups are like most peoples workouts’.


I’m not saying this because I scream at people and push them till they puke, I’m a strength coach not a drill sergeant, I try and get athletes moving better, running faster and being stronger. Vomiting is not what I aim to achieve.


So why are my warm-ups so tough? Well, firstly, the athlete is likely not as fit as they’d like to think, secondly, I move the athlete through corrective movements that they are likely too weak or inflexible to do properly, and lastly, because the warm-up is 6-8 exercises done back to back without breaks!


Why am I telling you this? So that the next time you go to the gym you warm-up like the gym is on fire! To help you out I’ve written a FREE e-book called THE ULTIMATE WARM-UP PLAN just click here for the free download.


Warming up correctly WILL make you stronger, it’s not just some crazy coach lie where we pretend warming up turns you into a superman. It may only be a few kg on each exercise but you will be stronger due to the nervous system being ‘excited’ and switched on to lift heavy stuff!


Here are my rules for a great warm-up:


  • Start off with skipping or jogging (works on foot speed and general athletic ability)
  • Pick 6-8 exercises for your WEAK OR TIGHT body parts (if in doubt; strengthen upper back, stretch hip flexors), perform once each.
  • OR pick 3-4 exercises and do them twice through, whichever option you enjoy more.
  • Do 2-3 warm-up sets for your first exercise before starting your first working set.


Now go kick some ass in the gym!

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Stay strong.