We could stop calling it 'weight loss'....


Conditional happiness happens when you say things like:


"I'll be happy when I fit into my bikini"


"I'll be happy when I get a promotion"


"I'll be happy when I bench press 100kg"


The happiness is conditional on you achieving whatever's in your mind.


Therefore, and this is THE most important thing....




Which is what I believe is the entire problem with the phrase:


"weight loss"


^^ what does that even mean?


My grandad always says, if you wanna lose weight just cut your legs off!


But if you want to lose FAT, well that's very different.


And that's where the weight loss industry falls down for YOU as a consumer.


Herbashite and other shake companies, you gotta give them credit.


Their products do make you lose weight.


But only through the same mechanisms that kill people through dysentery.


Drink sugar water and rapidly lose water weight.


'YAY - 7 pounds down in my first week!'


But ZERO health benefits.


I'd like to suggest we start calling 'weight loss' by the more accurate term of:




I'd love to tell people I'm a 'Master of Gains'


I'm the 'Gains Guy'


I'm a 'Gainz Coach!"


Could go on all day :-)


But this term causes you to hold your actions accountable to your health.


'Does this improve my health?' is a much better question than 'does this help me lose weight?'


When we improve the questions we ask ourselves, we improve the answers.




a focus on weight loss triggers a limited mindset.


You will begin to focus on what you can't have any more.


Immediately thinking up ideas such as:


"I can't have my Starbucks caramel macchiato everyday now"


"I can't be lazy, gotta sleep less, get up early and go jogging"


"I can't eat crap, gotta cut back on sugar"


"I can't eat too many carbs, just salad everyday from now on"


Honestly, if you ask yourself "how can I lose weight today?" you'll see similar restrictive answers.


Let's compare that to "how can I improve my health today?"




Subtle difference in question, big difference in how I feel.


Now I'm thinking:


"I could hit the sauna and relax for 20 mins"


"I could grab an early night and read my favourite book"


"I could go for a walk with my girlfriend"


"I could eat some fish, steak and eggs, roast some mediterranean veggies and have a greens smoothie"


"I could carry a water bottle with me and make sure I drink it all before 5pm"


You with me?


Swap the questions


You'll feel different.


Lighter, freer, easier....


Maybe you'll even feel Happier!


Train Hard




"Master of Gains"