Weight loss is a funny thing…

I got tricks.


Lotsa tricks to stop you eating too much. 


Because overeating is THE barrier to your goals.


This is not a recipe list, or a “5 easy tips” kinda article.


I’m going to simply share a few tricks I’ve noticed actually WORK to burn fat


You see weight loss is a funny thing...


It’s MORE important to STOP doing stupid shit...


...and LESS important to add in smart training, personal trainers, supplements etc.


Because NONE of that works when you are overeating! 


Once you’re controlling your eating habits, you’ll eat less calories and the fat will MELT off your body like a bank holiday ice cream on the beach.


On that topic - it’s funny how getting leaner becomes more REAL when you have to get your kit off on holiday


So yes, these tips are great for a ‘summer body’


But you want the truth Ricardo?


I hate summer body transformation crap.


I used to sell a lot of those types of programs.


But staying lean ALL YEAR ROUND is healthy, logical and a wise decision my friends.


Let’s use the motivation of the sun to get in shape, but stay lean, and use these as tricks for LIFE.




> If really hungry before a meal, have soup or green tea, wait 10 mins. Then go eat. Nice Japanese-style tip.


> keep lots of super noodles or ‘pour boiling water in’ type noodles at home. Add cooked chicken or tuna. Have as a snack rather than heading out to the shop. Yes it’s processed, but you’ll be lean.


> stop eating low carb if you lift weights. Carbs fuel your recovery. No carbs = poor recovery thus more hunger. More hunger = greedy little piggy.


> sleep 7 hours plus per night. Not enough sleep means you’ll wake up an easy-to-anger, grumpy dickhead. Poor mood, no willpower, no friends anymore. 


> eat veggies with every meal. Loads of veggies. Veggies till you puke. Because fibre. Because low calorie. You won’t get hungry and you will even get some kind of important things in your diet, like vitamins. 


> buy food you don’t have to cook. No drain tuna, microwave rice, ham etc. Because if you had a personal chef you’d be lean. Laziness is WHY takeaways exist. Restaurant food is nicer than takeaway food. BUT!!! >>> Microwave rice, microwave veggies and some no drain tuna is a QUICKER meal than a takeaway. Think about it. 


> eat sugar free jelly when you want a sweet thingy. Life changer. Nuff said. 




1) Green tea or soup before meals


2) Keep cheapo noodles on hand for a snack - add protein


3) Eat carbs if you lift weights


4) Sleep 7 hours per night


5) Eat lots of veggies


6) Buy food that lets you NOT cook


7) Eat sugar free jelly rather than ice cream and cake


Remember - weight loss is a funny thing, focus on  STOP doing the things that are making you overweight in the first place.


If you have any more tricks - SHARE THEM in the fit life group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefitlifecommunity/


Rise above


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach


Raw Strength Gym, Warrington 


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