what's in it for me?


there's only one thing that drives your motivation


it's the little nasty voice in your brain saying....


what's in it for me?


For example, losing fat is a 'you vs you' struggle where the 'good' side of your brain wants to eat clean, train hard and improve...


....but the 'bad' side is always asking what's in it for me?


Problem is, if you can't answer this question you will fail.


If you can't remind yourself WHY you want to get leaner when it's 10pm and you're hungry, then you will fail


If you can't remember why you started training in the first place when your workout feels like hell on earth....


well, then you'll fail!


It's not easy to come up with a 'what's in it for me' answer either.


I remember when I was playing rugby it was super easy to remind myself what was in it for me.


I had to make the team, or score on the weekend, or impress a scout, or to gain muscle to be more unstoppable.


that DROVE me!


When I'd get home from my washing-up job at a pub at midnight, I knew I still had to get my workout in...


So I went straight to my little home gym and TRAINED


'cos I knew what I was training for, what the reward would be.


Your problem is you don't have a clue WHY you're training.


Even if you think you do, it's not powerful enough to get you absolutely DRIVEN.


If you had an unforgettable reason, don't you think you'd be shredded by now?


You definitely would!


**that's why brides are more motivated than athletes too btw, they only get one day to 'peak' !


This is why your body transformation must start in the mind.


STEP 1 - Define your goal.


STEP 2 - Define the REWARD....but...uh....this is where it gets tricky....


and most probably because people are lazy as shit.


They don't want to sit down and think about how they'd look on holiday if they were 3 stone lighter, how much their kids would look up to them, how good they'd feel every day when they were confident.


Instead it's easier to set a vague goal of 'I want to lose weight'


and never add in the visualisation of the reward.


Fine. Well done for setting a goal.


But I know for a fact you will fail.


Some people link the end result, the pleasure, the reward and the visualisation of the end result with the goal.


Those people will succeed.


If you're not one of those people, you need to have a good think today


What's your goal?


Why is that your goal? AKA - what's in it for you?


That will spark new motivation in your mind like never before.


Train hard




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