when something HAS to change

Have you ever been in a place where you’ve f-ing HAD it?!


When you feel like you can’t face getting out of bed as there’s nothing to get up for?


I believe we all have had a struggle in life at some point


Maybe you’re even struggling right now.


Either way, please read today’s message all the way through, it’s life-changingly good.


Anyway - the struggle….


I have been there myself many, many times.


Short story before we get started…


My gym has been a struggle.


It has been close-to-the-wire more times than I care to remember


I’ve wanted to quit before, but the daily drain was never harder than in 2011...


I used to wake-up at 6am, write a blog post, email my clients and spend 10 mins eating breakfast.


Sounds like a nice day, right?


Well, then I’d walk to a bank, sit down at my desk and count other people’s money for 7-8 hours. 


8:30am until 5pm


Always finishing a little late by 10 or 15 minutes (annoying!)


Then I’d walk home, have a spoonful of peanut butter and a can of mackerel. I’m disgusting I know.


Then I’d drive to the gym


If you’ve ever tried to escape Manchester along the M60 or M62 at rush hour, you’ll know how fun this is.


I’d open the gym for 6pm


Work 6-9pm


And I’d go to bed, exhausted, dreading the thought of doing this again.




Many people told me I couldn’t grow my business and have a hope of quitting my day job


They said I had to work ON my business rather than IN it


That was very true.


But I had no time to do so.


6am wake-up and 11pm bed time


With just 10-11pm as my own free time




It SUCKED, believe me.


But one day, I was so upset before going to work I literally wanted to jump into the river and drift away forever


Suddenly it dawned on me…


I can’t go on like this, I can’t do this to myself any longer!


If I could work 8 hours a day for someone else at a job I hate, couldn’t I just go all in on ME for once?


What would happen if I spent 8 hours a day sharing my passion for teaching strength and nutrition?




Problem was, I would have no money if I did that. 


I thought there wouldn’t be a good time to quit


I doubled down on my motivation to get more clients and build the gym up


When it was time, I thought, I will quit my job.


Then I walked to work the next day, trying not to think about jumping in the river.




I tried to build the gym up


I tried to work harder


I was too scared to quit my job


And I carried on working at the bank for TWO MORE YEARS


Walking past that lonely river every day, for two friggin’ years.


When I look back, it breaks my heart that I did that to myself.


Want to know how I grew the gym to where it is today?


I just quit the bank! 


Went in one day and handed in my notice.


There was no plan, no change in my circumstances, nothing changed!


I was terrified!


Half of my clients left the WEEK after I quit the bank


I was even more terrified!!!


But it all worked out.


Because then I had no excuses


I had to make the gym work


I also had time to invest in ME, to share my message with others, to work ON the business.




Now, please don’t quit your job because of me.


But think about the things in your life you wish you could stop doing.


What keeps you stuck is fear.


What will save you is courage.


And if you wait for the ‘right time’ you’ll end up wasting years of your life just like I did.


Can we all PLEASE stop wasting time on stupid shit and move towards achieving goals.


Today is today


Now is now


This is all you have, this moment, what are you going to do with it?


Because the alternative to doing what you want is being forced to do what you don’t want.


Choose yourself.


One of the best ways to overcome fear is to have more self-confidence


There’s a LOT of evidence now that the people you surround yourself with can literally change your lifespan


Being a hermit could mean an early death (!)


I’ve always liked working as part of a team, and that’s how I run the gym


If you’d like to experience the team vibe and the epic training and coaching we run every day


Then get some more info about our 6 week introduction to the R.I.S.E program (training, mindset, nutrition, teamwork)


First step - email me and ask for an info pack (goes through all our nutrition, training methods and pricing in more detail)


email is: RawStrengthGym@gmail.com


Second step - go and think deeply about what’s holding you back.


I’ll help you overcome your fears.


Rise Above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym