When you can't finish a program...

You know, I've probably started more programs than I've finished.


In fact, who am I kidding, I definitely have!


I've been lifting weights for over 17 years now


And every 2-3 weeks since day one I pretty much get excited about some new program, or diet, or exercise, or gimmick...


....and I want to jump in and try it!


But let it be known my followers, thy divine secret of all future gainz is....






You thought I was going to say the secret was a super scientific program?




Maybe you thought it was doing a 'special' diet, counting naughty points or something?


It ain't!


The only thing that will get you to where you want to be is effort and consistency.


But WHY?


I think it's going to be helpful for you all to understand exactly why.


There's a principle of specificity (don't worry, that's the longest word I'll use today haha) that states you get SPECIFIC results.


Specific to what?


To what you work on.


Going deeper, 4-8 weeks of work on ONE thing is required for your body to adapt. Say heavy deadlifts, for example.


You can't deadlift heavy ('heavy' relative to your strength, of course) on week one, week two, then get mad that you're not Eddie Hall on week three.


You'd have to push hard, on ANY program that required consistent heavy deadlifts, for 4-8 weeks.


Or what about fat loss?


You can't eat a cucumber for breakfast on Monday, a salad for lunch on Tuesday, then get mad you're not ripped to the bone by Wednesday (...then go home and have a bottle of wine and an apple crumble to comiserate)


You know this to be true.


Yet I have done this so many times it's embarassing.


I bet you have too!


It's funny to think about.


But destroys motivation over the long term.


And here's what nobody wants to talk about....


....if you don't pick ONE training program and go all in, commit, dominate and achieve mastery in it.


You will fail to see any results whatsoever.


That doesn't mean you can go the gym 2-4 times a week and it's all good.


What I mean is you MUST go to the gym 2-4 times a week, AND stick to one program until it's FINISHED (4-8 weeks minimum, 12 weeks maximum on most programs)...


...and then it's all good.


Same with diet. You gotta stick with it.


Or you just starved yourself for nothing.




Really contemplate this for a second.


This is WHY nobody is in great shape.


It takes a huge amount of faith to NOT see results for 2-5 weeks yet stick with the same program.


it seems ludicrous. Yet if you only knew that the GOLD was around the corner on week 6-8, you'd stick with the program.


But we can look to elite athletes for inspiration, to see that it can be done.


Take an olympian.


They start a FOUR YEAR training cycle, not knowing how the next olympic final is going to go.


Imagine that pressure, oh, and it's your job too. So win or lose your job (or at least, earn less than you could have)


Lot's of pressure! They can't change program halfway through, they have to stick with the plan or they'd have wasted valuable time....


SO they work as part of a team and they have:


> a strength and conditioning coach


> a nutritionist


> training partners


> emotional support and motivation from a psychologist




Unless you have insane self motivation and impeccable discipline.


I know that I don't


If you've read this far, you probably don't either


So if you'd like to finish a program for once and see impressive results, we have a 28 day program called LEAN in 28 that will give you:


> 3kg of body fat loss in 28 days or your money back


> a place on our awesome private training program, you'll have training partners, a coach, an online group for support and motivation


> your own customised, yet simple, nutrition program so you can fit in awesome, healthy meals in your day and watch the body fat drop off


> 3 team training sessions each week in our private gym. This is nothing like a commercial setting, us coaches know everybody by name. We motivate the team, and the team (including you) motivates each other. The atmosphere has to be experienced to be believed, this DRIVES you to push waaaaayyy harder than you could if training alone.


At the end of your first 4 weeks we sit down, set some longer term goals and make sure this is the first step of a complete lifestyle overhaul.


You'll make new friends, actually enjoy going to the gym, and see visible results in the mirror.


The price?


only £97


that's £24 per week for a private gym, a coach, a nutritionist, training partners...


...and half a stone of body fat lost or your money back!


It's an epic deal


We have a launch seminar this Saturday 11am


I will personally walk you through the nutrition, get you set up with a goal, get rid of your nerves and make sure that you're gonna get the results by the 28th day.


Up for it?


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