Where to start with fitness

Just a quick one 


Whenever you’re stuck in life, there’s actually lots of actions you can do to turn it around.


You always have options


I struggle with this a lot.


Personally, I feel overwhelmed quite easily and will put off taking action because I overthink it.


I make it more complicated than it actually is.


But I’ve got a pretty good way of dealing with this that I’d like to share.


And when I get this right, my life always changes in a BIG way, from tiny actions :-)


First off, you must be honest with yourself and admit to your failings.


What specifically have you done badly? 


For me, this year I’ve hardly seen my friends. I’ve been a bad friend.


What’s the bullshit excuse you give yourself?


This year my work has required more hours.


What could I have done better?


I could have scheduled better to make that time for my friends. 


After digging deep with these questions you must be willing to then DO the seemingly insignificant task that will make a difference.


What small action could you do now?


For me, I could grab my calendar, see when I’m free and then WhatsApp a mate to see if they want a coffee.


Admit > name the excuse > aim for better > take a small action


You do this over and over again and your life will be transformed.


Oh, and let go of the bullshit excuses. Nobody needs those!


Have a good day - and get one small, positive action completed right now.


Rise Above 




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach


Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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