Why discomfort will save you

I believe a little discomfort will toughen you up

And being tougher means being happier

Reason is, we are wired for a challenge...

Not too long ago the human race struggled every day.

> water couldn't just be purchased in bottles whenever you pleased

> the next meal wasn't on-call, on-demand, contactless and delivered to your door

> you better be up early and grafting after food, water and shelter every day. Or the wilderness, wildlife or nearest enemy would kill you FAST

This ^^^ is a reality for millions of people TODAY

Yet here you sit, in a comfortable heated office.

Tapping on your phone

Moaning about traffic and other people

Ordering food with a touch of a screen and a flick of a plastic card

Times have changed

But our DNA has not

It's HIGHLY LIKELY that your low mood, trouble sleeping and soft, expanding waistline are all caused by the 'modern life'

I say FUCK that. There's gotta be more to life than the 9-5.

There is....

CHALLENGE your body to become stronger, lift heavy shit and develop some muscle

See if you can run a bit further than yesterday, a bit faster than last week

Try to make better choices with what you're eating, be conscious of what goes into your mouth

Believe in yourself, set a ridiculous goal, smash it. Watch the unbelieving eyes of your co-workers, friends and family as you prove them wrong...

...and feel f-ing amazing as you go through the process of forging a stronger self.

Why do this?

Because it's hard...


....you were CREATED to overcome a challenge

....because it will make your life better

But don't get me wrong, I love comfort

I love not having to chase down my breakfast or walk 10 miles to get water everyday

But because NOW we're all lazy, modern little slugs, we have to 'add back in' the OLD difficulty to life we've lost.

You'll feel better for it...

Because training, eating right, and integrating with a team of training partners taps into the ancient physical challenge, body optimising, tribal patterns of our ancestors.

Lifting weights makes you feel amazing because you're constantly seeing how YOU measure up with YOU

Eating right makes you feel great because it requires DISCIPLINE, which improves self confidence

Training with a team makes you feel great because you realise that other people have the same problems as you (i.e. you're not the only weirdo in the room 😜)

What I'm saying is this:

You are overweight, weak and unhappy BECAUSE of the comforts in life

You're not living in a way that allows the body and mind to thrive

I'm convinced that discomfort, pain and beating a challenge is THE way to live

If we all did this I think we'd have less mental health problems and much more enjoyable lives.

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

PS - if you want help getting some structure, discipline and a BIG challenge into your life then I suggest joining our team for a 6 week program. If you commit, work hard and enjoy the process, we can talk about you becoming a long-term member after that.

Email me back and I'll send you some more info: anthony@rawstrength.co.uk