Why Do We Get Low Energy Levels?

  Ever had one of those days where you just don’t want to get out of bed?


You’ve had more than enough sleep but you’re still so tired that the alarm clock has become your mortal enemy!


What gives?


For men, this is a really common issue


And more than likely…


You’ve FORGOTTEN how good it feels to have high energy levels


So stop struggling through the day feeling down




Discover WHY this happens and action steps to fix these issues for good


You Don’t Have Enough Muscle to Age Gracefully


As you age, especially past the ‘primetime’ years of your twenties and early thirties – a few really important shifts happen in your body


Let’s take a look…


#1 – Testosterone Drops as You Age


Your testosterone levels are responsible for building strength & muscle


It is THE hormone we are interested in for muscle and strength gains


And with more and more men being highlighted for horomone replacement therapy by their doctor, I believe this is an issue all of us guys should be taking a close look at


#2 – You begin to lose muscle and strength


Ever played a sport, taken a few years off, then gone back?


You probably found what your mind believes you can do is a LOT different to what your body actually ends up doing


Well think of aging as the same thing


Essentially; “you lose your skills as you age”


When we understand that strength is a trainable skill (due to re-wiring of neural circuits)


…then it’s easy to see that the SKILL of strength is lost


..and along with it, your muscle


#3 – Losing Muscle Damages Your Health


Think about this:


If you have less muscle than a few years ago


Then daily tasks now require more energy to complete


And strenuous tasks put an immense STRAIN on your heart


Hell, even things that didn’t used to tire you out could be a potential heart attack


Scary stuff, right?


Which leads me to our main TAKE HOME point…


Low Energy Levels are a result of Not putting enough Energy in!




Don’t be.


It IS counter-intuitive, I know


But if you’re not doing enough work in the gym and eating clean


Then energy levels will continue to drop


Plus the issue of potentially low testosterone combined with losing muscle and strength…


…not to mention the greater strain on your poor old heart…


Leads the body to DROP energy levels massively


Your sex drive drops (due to low testosterone)


Increased risk of heart attack


You feel lazy




Don’t want to get out of bed in the morning


And it SUCKS to feel like this


Trust me, I know.


But I now know how to deal with those sorts of days


And in the bigger picture


How to make sure that 9 times out of 10 I wake up feeling amazing and energized for the day


Consider that I get up at 4:30am most of the time and run a company too


You’d think I’d be tired and have no energy


But my training is better than ever


I’ve just set personal records in ALL of my lifts at the gym


…and I feel happy, relaxed and ready to work each day (or at least have the energy to push myself when I don’t feel up to working or training)


Want to learn how to achieve the same levels of energy?


How to improve your health and actually build muscle and strength to set yourself up for an awesome life in your 40s, 50s and beyond?


Well, wait for part two where we’ll be delving into some cool things so you can learn how to drop body fat quickly


So you can have HUGE energy levels and happiness each day


AND how you can become stronger and more muscular now, than when you were in your twenties…


Here’s what we’ll learn in part two:


> what we do on BUILT, our mens body transformation program, to counteract the ageing process…


> the hidden factors you may be neglecting right now that will improve your discipline 10 times over with diet, training and making lifestyle changes…


> how to easily put MORE effort into your gym program and to consistently train over the next 2-3 months, without feeling ‘lost & confused’ and without missing a session


Talk to you soon


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington