WHY do you want to get fitter?

I wake-up demotivated quite often.


My work ethic is really good, to be perfectly honest.


I can stick to habits and routines designed to achieve my goals for a LONG time.


But damn, isn't it crap when you've been working hard yet not seeing results?


I stop doing the work when I feel like that.


> cheat on my diet


> skive off work


> skip training


> stay up late watching TV




Motivation is at an all time low


My body feels tired and my belly is bloated


My muscles are actually MORE achey and tight when I don't train (probably because my warm-up and lighter sets have a nice tonic effect on my muscles and nerves)


But progress definitely stops.


Why does this happen?


In my opinion, there are a few obstacles


1) I lost sight of my purpose, my WHY.


2) I lost faith in my habits, wanting faster results.


3) I got sick of working hard and 'needed' a break.


4) I didn't ask anyone to help me, no support.


If you don't know why you are working hard, in the gym or otherwise.


If you don't have faith that what you are doing is going to make your goals a reality


If you don't have a way of making the hard work fun


If you don't have anybody around for support




I"m sure you agree.


So today, set a purpose. WHY do you do what you do each day?


Start some basic habits you KNOW will get you success (e.g. less cheese more salad)


Set a monthly accountability challenge, or a daily checklist and get your habits DONE


Ask someone for help: a mentor, coach, club or online group


^^ this is the basic recipe for success that nobody talks about.


What's amazing is this....


When you wake up feeling like crap, demotivated, hungover or WHATEVER you will STILL be successful


Because purpose drives habits, habits encourage hard work, hard work is easier with support.




Go do some thinking, not saying I have all the answers


But this works for me and my clients.


Train hard




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