Why fitness is confusing.

Ever had one of those lightbulb moments?


I have them all the time.


not because I'm particularly clever


But usually because I'm doing things so arse-backwards that when I finally see the light it's a big revelation.


Take lifting weights, for example.


When I first realised that adding a little bit of weight to the bar every month gets better results versus crushing myself every workout, it was a nice moment of clarity!


Less pain and more results.




There are so many of these conflicting ideas within fitness...


So it is super easy to be led astray.


Here's just a few thoughts to inspire some 'lightbulbs' of your own:


1) Eating more means you can train harder and progress quicker. Don't starve.


2) Being mentally relaxed when lifting weights stops emotional burn out. Less raging and grunting, more calmness and jokes.


3) Running puts the body into a stressed state. Body fat can't be used for energy when you're stressed. Walk and lift weights for better results.


4) Sitting down causes back pain, not your zumba class or lifting weights or spinning. It's your posture. Stretch.


5) ^^^ related to this ^^^^ muscle is elastic tissue. Stretching once per week won't help much because the tissue springs back to prior poor flexibility. Stretch every day.


6) Use a food diary to plan what you're about to eat, not to record what you've already eaten.


7) Start worrying about your fat intake rather than your carb intake. Your body requires fat to produce many hormones. Poor hormones = poor fat loss and inefficient muscle gain.


8) Omega-3s are not just a supplement, they are crucial for your health.


Modern farming has removed omega-3s from our ancient sources: meat, fish, eggs. So the 'caveman' version of us had TONS of it. We have none.


From now on, see taking fish oil/omega-3 oil as putting back in the good stuff that commercial farming has removed.


9) Sleep in 90 minute sleep cycles, e.g. 6 hours is 10X better than 5.5 hours because it's 4 full 90 min cycles versus 3 full cycles. Nobody is quite sure why this is, but research confirms it.


How many 90 min cycles do you get right now? 4-5 every night is the goal.


10) ^^^related to this^^^ you CAN catch up on your sleep. So if you have a bad night, or lose a 90 min sleep cycle one night. Then add an extra one on the weekend, or have a 90 min nap.


Therefore, if aiming for 4 or 5 90 min cycles per night, you must aim for a weekly sleep target of 28-35 90 min cycles. Or 42-52.5 hours per week. This makes you feel less stressed about losing sleep believe me!




Have any lightbulb moments?


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