Why we eat crap on the go

Our body responds to modern stress just like it responded to the old sabre-toothed tiger: fight or flight. 

In preparation for a fight, or a flight, our body releases cortisol and adrenaline

This stimulates a variety of physical symptoms like faster heart rate, slowed digestion, shaking, flushed face etc. 

The problem is, we are not in great danger in modern life! 

Yet these physical symptoms remain as an echo back to the more dangerous lives of our ancestors.

We begin to crave fats and sugars as the brain believes we need more energy to fuel a fight or flight. 

Emotional symptoms follow the physical response. 

We may feel the need to relax after an event (read: after a typical day at work)

…and so emotional eating or binge eating is more likely to occur when you are STRESSED!

When you are in this state AND you are on the go

Whether travelling with work or just stuck with minimal options for good eating 

well it’s nigh on impossible to stick to your plan…

….and it’s technically/kinda/sorta not your fault!

So what can we do?


There are two ways to manage your stress, physically and emotionally.

Physical stress management ideas...

> a walk on your lunch

> deep breathing

> a hot bath after work

> a workout

> yoga

> a run in nature/somewhere quiet

Doing exercise has great benefits to the body as it reduces the acute inflammation the body receives after a stressful event

maybe every day is a stressful event for you right now!

Emotional stress management ideas then….

> take 10-20 mins every morning to prepare yourself for the day - read, shower, eat, prepare for the impending arseholes of life

> tell a friend that you are stressed, talking it out will change your mood

> stop looking at social media when stressed out, you don’t need to compare yourself to others or watch more memes!

> journal 1-2 things that you did well today, self congratulate and be grateful


You want to be lean and healthy but you eat too much

Stress makes it very hard to eat healthy because you will crave high calorie food, and lots of it! 

You may even use wine and food as your stress management tool, then feel guilt about doing so

Manage your stress both physically and emotionally

Then eating what you WANT and HITTING your targets in the mirror/gym/competition/beach or whatever you want in life will become much easier

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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