Why You MUST Warm-Up…

Don’t be one of those people that rushes straight into a workout/sport without proper preparation, warming up correctly will benefit you in the following ways:

  1. A Focused Mind– It will help you set your mind to the task at hand, you can frame your challenges in a positive way – one step at a time - without them seeming too difficult as you’ve broken them into small pieces in your mind.
  2. Increased Strength – By gradually warming up and stimulating the central nervous system, you can generate more force
  3. Increased Flexibility – You know when you wake up in the morning and you feel all tight? You gotta stretch and mobilise the joints! The body won’t do it for you! 
  4. Better Technique – Practising your lifting technique, or your sporting movements (passing, catching etc.) with a slower/lighter intensity than when competing or training will benefit technique as you can run through the finer points without the stress of a heavy weight on your back or someone running at ya!
  5. Increased Endurance – Your greater flexibility and strength from the warm-up will translate into better movement efficiency. Simply put, you will move easier, so you can move for longer! Also, warming up the heart and lungs increases performance due to a stimulatory effect…just do enough to get yourself warm and breathing hard.

The best athletes in the world know why they warm up, it keeps them one step ahead.

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Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength