Win the DAY

Everyone has an end goal when they start their personal fitness journey. Whether this be to lose body fat, build muscle, lift a certain weight or run a marathon, it is important to have these goals as they provide us with a vision of what we want to achieve over a long period of time. 

However, we often get caught up in focusing on this goal and it seems like it is so far away that we will never achieve it. That is then where we fall off the wagon either with our diet or a training as our motivation dips.

We’ve all had that moment where we tell ourselves “it doesn’t matter if you go off track with your nutrition today”, or “you’re not feeling it today, missing one gym session won’t make a difference”. But what happens then is that one day where you fall off becomes two, which then becomes “I’ll start again Monday”.

How many times have we said that to ourselves week after week? 

One thing you can do to avoid this is attack each day and focus on winning that day. Whether that be getting off your ass and going to the gym, lifting more weight, doing one more rep, sticking to your meal plan. If you can do this day after day, the end goal that you set when you started out will take care of itself.

At the gym, we have our Pledge Wall. Take a look next time you’re in and see what you wrote up there when you first joined.

For some of you, you may have achieved these goals already. If this is the case take some time and think of a new long-term goal that you would like to achieve over time. Others may still have some work to do to achieve their original goal. 

Once you have written down that long-term goal, whether it be on a wall or on a vision board or in a journal, now let’s look at the short-term.

Write down three things that you are going to commit to daily and weekly.

For example;

  • I am going to stick to my meal plan and hit my calorie target for today.
  • I am going to attend all my gym sessions this week.
  • I am going to stretch for 15 mins every evening.  

Once you have these short-term goals stick them somewhere you are going to see them every day to reset your focus on attacking that day. If you can do this and win each day you will achieve that long-term goal before you know it!

Now go win the day!