WIN weekend dieting....

Sticking to your plan on the weekends can be TOUGH

Many people quit

But it can be super simple!

Let me tell you a quick story

A few months ago I was running a nutrition seminar at RSG.

'twas a Sunday morning, all was calm and well

I ran my clients through basic eating, how to focus on calories and be disciplined.

Towards the end of the seminar we did some Q&A....and a lady was struggling to stick to her diet.

Sara asked her, "what are you eating at the moment? What's on your plan?"

"mainly salads"

"Do you like salad?"


No wonder she couldn't stay on track!

Yet loads of us do this exact same thing.

We presume a 'diet' has to be low calorie, boring, hungry most of the time, and only consist of lettuce and tuna.

Then we struggle to stick to it and beat ourselves up! 🙈

Stop this craziness!

you CAN eat foods you like AND lose body fat.

The key is to be in a calorie deficit*

Eat less than you burn

Now, health comes into this of course. As eating 2000 cals of chocolate is not healthy.

But use your common sense and yes you can have that pizza on Fridays, with a bit of planning, and have it fit your calorie target.

Something else that will help you dominate weekend eating is this:

Make a list on your phone of everything you crave during the week when you are being disciplined.

Want ice cream?



Stick it on the list. Don't have it yet though. Defer it.

Think, "damn this diet is hard, I'm going to cheat on Saturday, just not today"

When you get to Saturday you will be disgusted by how much crap is on your list, and you won't eat it all.

...and if you do fancy something naughty, plan it into your calories. Simple!

On the flip side - don't make your weekdays BORING.

Stop the boring salads!

What would you eat if you weren't on a diet?

Can you make that fit your calorie target?

99% of the time you can, and it blows peoples minds

Stop living in this 'fitness' box of what meals can and should look like

Make your plan YOUR plan, fill it with foods YOU want

Just make sure the calorie target gets you into a deficit and you'll be on track

...and much more likely to stick to it long term and see a lasting change

This, my friends, is how every healthy person on the planet eats

Healthy Lifestyle beats unhealthy diet obsession every time

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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