Xmas Fitness Survival Guide

Worst part of Christmas? Bad food everywhere!

Best part of Christmas? Bad food everywhere!

If you have kids, this is even harder to deal with

Snacks, sweets, tubs of chocolates, cakes & the list goes on.

As much fun as it is, there's a big problem

You could end up waking up Jan 1st fatter than ever

Low motivation, caught up in the 'New Year New You' bullshit

And fall prey to some special discounted gym offer in Jan (just wait, the waterfall of shite offers is coming 🤣)

Truth is, hard work and discipline are the only ways to get in shape

So you may as well start now BUT learn to live a fun life at the same time

Most of the people around you will totally shut down for Christmas

Actually, they are probably on the mince pies already and counting down the days until they're off work

Then they'll go all 'Warrior Monk' on Jan 1st: no beer, no carbs, no mercy!!

...and they'll last about 10 days before going back to their old ways

Most people make getting in shape HARDER than it needs to be

Just live a balanced, disciplined life now and you can be in shape, and eat Christmas pudding at the same time.

Believe me, I've dieted through xmas before and there's nothing worse than being the boring person eating turkey and veggies ONLY and sipping on water.

My family thought I was an arsehole. And I was really grumpy!

Much better to plan a bit of fun AND achieve your goals.

So how could we all eat a little better around Christmas?

1. Set an alcohol limit

Alcohol contains calories. If you don't control your drinking then December will be an excess calorie month PURELY on alcohol alone.

If you normally have 1-2 drinks in the week, could you limit that because you'll be drinking more on the weekends?

Could you go alcohol free completely? You'd be surprised at how many people equate socialising with the need for a drink. You don't need to drink.

2. Stick to a weekly food shop day

99% of takeaways, meals out, sandwiches bought on the go and any other convenience food are: a) not very healthy; b) high in calories; c) easily avoidable when healthy & convenient foods are in the house.

In other words, if you don't have any food in your house you're more likely to eat crap.

Stick to your weekly food shop but be aware you'll have less time to cook over the busy xmas period. So get less of the recipe ingredients that require cooking time, and more of the lazy but fairly healthy stuff. Cans of tuna, eggs, microwave rice, microwave veggies, soups, fruit, wraps, low calorie jelly etc.

3. Cook a homemade version of junk food with your kids

If your family wants to eat junk food over Christmas, it's not a great idea to stop them. But you could manipulate them into eating what you want 😈

Bunless burgers, meat based pizza, protein brownies - it'll taste the same to them but be better for you

4. Limit your calories on event weeks

If you have a big Christmas party coming up, eat a little less each day in the preceding days and 'save up' calories for the event. This is not a way to build a healthy relationship with food by the way. It's pretty bad actually. But if you were going to drink 10 pints and have a kebab anyway....at least this limits the damage.

5. Keep going to the gym

You won't want to eat crap if you're training hard. Even a tough 30 min workout twice per week will keep you mentally sharp. That 'edge' will motivate you to stay disciplined with the eating AND having fatigued, sore muscles makes Christmas food that bit more enjoyable.

6. Stick to a good, balanced eating plan

Eating what you would normally eat is key over Christmas. Those sneaky mince pies and big meals out probably won't have a big effect if you're eating well and still training.

The problem comes when people make excuses and give up the ENTIRE diet for xmas, then come back in Jan 8-10lbs heavier, feeling sluggish and depressed and then try to give up alcohol, cheese and bread in the same month. Good luck!

Be smart this Christmas and stick to your goals

You won't need a new body in the New Year because you won't have gone off track

You can enjoy Christmas AND stay in shape

Then when Jan 1st rolls around, simply sit back and watch all the fools trying to burn off Christmas.

This year - do it differently

It's not a big deal, you can easily do it, and the results will surprise you

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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