You CAN Compete At The Next Level

If you want to compete at a higher level in your sport, be aware, it’s HARD, only a select few can do it, but believe in yourself above all else, use the following advice and you will have a GREAT chance.

Join a good club and play consistently well, if you’re good enough you will get selected for a county squad.

Play consistently well at this level and you may get selected for a clubs youth academy and from there the real HARD WORK begins.

You will be competing against ELITE players in your sport who are hungry for a pro contract. But stick to what you know, play consistently well, never give up, always strive towards your personal goals and have self belief.

You can make it if you believe in yourself.


What else can you do to help your QUEST to be the BEST?

1) Practice hard on your key skills EVERY day.

2) Develop an intense self-belief and focus on your goals.

3) Ensure you are in top physical condition with a sound strength and conditioning program.

4) Occasionally push yourself to the limits of your physical ability, it will develop great MENTAL TOUGHNESS and SELF CONFIDENCE. Essential tools for successful athletes.

5) It is often said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, in your life what does that make you? The answer may surprise you but its a  rule to live by. Surround yourself with positive people who have similar goals to you and you’ve just created the best support system possible!

6) Grow your network of contacts, sometimes it can come down to knowing the right people. Contact your community development officer if your sport has one as they can often help with information on open trial days, training camps and club contacts.


If you really want it, GO GET IT!


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Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength