You'll get there

It hurts sometimes when you follow gyms on social media

And fitness celebs too

because you know you have more potential

Yet they seem to have it all sorted

You are not the finished article

And it sucks


Yes, I said GOOD!

You have the whole journey ahead of you to enjoy and absorb

I'd suggest that you start thinking of yourself NOT as a dead tree surrounded by brilliant oaks (with six pack abs), but instead as a work in progress

In fact, I believe that focusing purely on the 'gap' between where you are and where you want to get will make you want to quit

You are a work in progress

Celebrate that

Those super fit types on instagram have put the work in already, they’ve done their ten thousand hours

Be proud of them! 

Don't look at people who have already completed their YEARS of struggle and problem solving and wonder why you're not like them

This would be like kicking a football about for a few weeks then complaining that you aren't Ronaldo

Or singing along to the radio and wondering why Madison Square Garden hasn't booked you yet

To further exacerbate this crappy feeling - most gyms and personal trainers PROMOTE fast results

"lose x lbs in x weeks"

Then when you don't get the results, it's YOUR fault, further demotivating you

What would you think if I told you I'd struggled to build muscle my entire life?

Or that I have had quite a few serious injuries from rugby that have halted my progress in the gym for 6 months at a time? Even multiple times?

The key isn't to give up, it's to LEAN INTO the problems and expect them

It's a GAME

You are a work in progress, so celebrate your progress however you want to

Just don't look at the end result and beat yourself up

You'll get there

And, if you are definitely NOT making progress and you're just sat on your arse every day

Well, then drop us a message and let's get you back into the game

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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