Your Clock is Ticking...



the phone is RINGING in the middle of the night




wakes you up, startled.




you pick up...




"hello", you tentatively whisper.




"Hey, it's you...and I got some advice for us", says your Future Self




* * *




Imagine this conversation happening....




Let's look at what you'd say on both sides of the conversation, just for fun.




First, you are listening to your future self look back and give you some advice




let's say 12 years in the future, christmas 2027...




What would they say to you?




Where can they see you going wrong and where you need to step your game up?




ould they draw your attention to the fact that you're carrying on with no nutrition plan, drinking every week, not training or exercising...

You're gonna be really ill and unhealthy after 12 more years of that.

Or are they going to pat you on the back and say, 'hey Ant, just carry on, you're doing great'.

What would you hear?

Guess what? Touch wood you're gonna make it another 12 years alive and kicking!


Give yourself a wake up call TODAY if it's needed.

You can go and create the life you want but only if you know what you want!

* * *

Now, let's pretend that you're calling up the OLD you, 12 years ago

So christmas 2003....

What are you going to say to that person? the old you.

Where do you wish you'd put more effort in? More learning in? Tried a bit harder?

What have you done well over the past 12 years, how can you praise and reward yourself?



POWERFUL stuff here guys.

Use this self-talk exercise to make damn sure that you have a great future, and you use the past as experience to improve your life...

Rather than aimlessly repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
in 2016, make sure you SNAP into a new lifestyle permanently

There's no other way to be successful in fitness, health, strength and life in general
you just switch and make it happen.


Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength Gym





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