your health is fine until it isn’t


One of my favourite books is The Tartar Steppe.


A young army officer goes to a remote fort to start his career.


He has loads of hopes and dreams.


Every day the soldiers gaze out across a mysterious desert, waiting for the enemy to appear.


They’ve been waiting for decades, but every now and then a glimpse of something on the horizon gets their hopes up.


Is it a distant sandstorm? 


Or is it the enemy approaching?


Years go by like this, now the office is middle aged. Promoted. Earning more pay.


He’s living a really comfortable life with his ingrained routines.


Wake-up. Uniform on. Eat breakfast. Present himself for work. Do work. Look out to the desert. Get hopes up. Nothing happens. Finish work. Retire to the barracks. Eat tea. Sleep.


Even more years pass. 


Now he’s an old man.


Now he starts to lose his friends. They retire. They get posted elsewhere. Some just die of old age. 


He keeps on going, still looking out. Still dreaming of achieving something with his life. 


Then **spoiler alert** he gets sick, withers away quickly and dies. Full of regret for his wasted life. In a lonely room in an inn, far from home.




This book always reminds me that I can’t hold on for my goals to come to me.


I have to go and get them.


Take action.



Reach out into the world actively and protect my dreams.


Otherwise time will pass me by and I’ll regret it. 


And once time goes, you don’t get it back.


You may feel like your health is in tip-top condition. You probably feel ok. It’s easy to avoid looking in the mirror or noticing that you don’t take the stairs anymore. 


But in my experience, it’s never too late to WAKE UP. Look yourself in the mirror and ask, “could I be doing better?”


Start today with something simple.


Go somewhere new for lunch and eat something healthy. 


Cut out booze for a week.


Go to bed a little earlier.


Do one of a million little things that will set you on the trajectory of a NEW, stronger, more fulfilling life.


It’s the little day-to-day actions that add up to a life well lived.


Are you living?


Or are you hiding in the fort?


Rise above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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