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Eat on the go and stay healthy: PART TWO


We all get stuck in a rut.

In fact, I believe the way we live our lives is broken.

People in the UK spend less than 2 hours of their day outside

The average british citizen will spend 47 years working, probably in a job they hate

The fitness media does a terrible job of separating facts from fiction.

And so try as we do, after doing a diet 95% of us will regain the fat lost within 3 yrs.

Back to 'stuck in a rut' mode


I did this once.

I worked two jobs, studied for a masters degree and tried to start a business.

It was depressing being in that cycle and not feeling like I could break out.

I cracked.

I quit.

I made some tough decisions and quit one job, quit the masters degree and built the business into Raw Strength Gym.

But most people don’t quit, they crack in a different way.

They submit. Into the black hole of a meaningless life. Every day the same. No way out.


Why is this?

Humans have been removed from their natural environment and placed in air-conditioned boxes.

The natural stress of our ancient environment has been replaced with modern stressors such as work (and work colleagues!), deadlines, traffic jams, social media and financial pressure.

Our body responds to modern stress just like it responded to the old sabre-toothed tiger: fight or flight.

The problem is, we are not in great danger in modern life!

We begin to crave fats and sugars as the brain believes we need more energy to fuel a fight or flight.

We may feel the need to relax after an event (read: after a typical day at work), and thus emotional eating or binge eating is more likely to occur.


Your Job Is Killing You


Anyway, don't quit your job just yet.

Here are the best ways to break out of a rut:


Think of every stressful situation as 'priming' your body for a fight/flight, when in reality you're just sat at work.

You MUST use those primed responses (adrenaline, cortisol etc.) or your body will start to become inflamed, and over the long term this causes real damage

Damage from chronic inflammation includes:



mouth sores.


abdominal pain.

chest pain.

You gotta avoid this at all costs, and training intensely is a great way to do so!

Lift weights: squat, deadlift, do pull-ups, press-ups, kettlebell swings, sled drags. Move with purpose and aggression to burn away all that stress AND build new muscle for a healthier body.

Sprint, run, jump, do yoga, go for a walk - do SOMETHING.


We are currently loving the 'vegan hijack strategy' for convenient foods, allow me to explain...

Lots of food retailers now stock vegan friendly meals, which is awesome for vegans AND for everyone else.

Vegan meals are high in nutrients, fibre and protein.

If you eat meat, buy some pre-cooked meat (chicken, beef, ham etc.) and throw it on top.

If you want some carbs, buy an instant rice pot and pour some boiling water on. DONE.

Easy, right?

Food marketing and point of sale stuff (meal deals, supersize options etc.) is there to appeal to your emotions.

Just be aware that you could be making a better choice for your own health, and then make a choice by thinking outside of the box.

What else could you combine that would make an unorthodox but healthy meal?


So there you are guys, part two of this weeks 'Eat On The Go' series.

Train to burn stress away. Eat to build your health up.

Have a great day

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

PS - if you want help, we have a 6 week program called RISE. You get teamwork, support, advice and a solid direction for your life so that you can feel good, look better and live a life of purpose.

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2 must haves for health, strength and clarity...

Today I'm aiming to describe what I believe are the TWO ‘must-haves’ when it comes to a fitness program. Meaning that without these bases covered, you’ll find it easy to quit. Self-deception will be rife each day. You’ll go weeks without training then suddenly feel guilty. 


Sound familiar?


Let’s jump in:




If your workout is scheduled with your coach or training partner at 6pm on a Thursday, you will stop whatever you’re doing at that time and go to the gym to start training. Compare that to a ‘wishy-washy’ scheduling method of “ooh, I’ll try to go to the gym 3x this week."


What’s worse than not going to the gym? Staying at work for 1-2 extra hours and getting home even more stressed, even less motivated. You won’t be present for your family in that state of mind. Your family deserves you to be at your best. Somewhat counterintuitively then: Finishing work on time and going to the gym when you are supposed to be there actually gives you MORE time with your family. More time to chill out. Better work:life balance. You will feel proud of yourself. That leads to a few other improvements in your life as I’m sure you can imagine. 


Get your schedule sorted. Get some accountability with a coach or training partner that expects you to be where you said you’d be. 


This is a game changer. But it’s quite simple, right?




Ever tried a diet that when you look back, seems silly? I have. The warrior diet (2 meals a day. Starving hungry). Keto diet (very difficult to do when travelling without taking ten buckets of double cream with you). Corned beef and tuna diet (dry!). 


Now, these are not necessarily silly diets. In many cases they are scientifically verified to work well for fat loss (apart from the corned beef/tuna thing…).


But they were silly FOR ME.


If you try to stick to a diet that does not work in a practical sense within your day to day life. It will not stick longer than 2 weeks. You’re smarter than you think. You’ll see the futility of your efforts and the short term nature of the nutrition plan, then quit. To be honest I think that’s fair enough. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You’ve proven that method did not work. Now go and find a plan that does work.


Ignore plans that work for other people, they have different time commitments, fitness levels, taste buds, body fat percentage, ability to cook and on and on. There are a ridiculous amount of variables. Don’t go there. 


So, onto the real question, how do you find a plan that will make you healthier? And how will you know that you will stick to it?


Again, we must look back to the schedule - the ‘to-do’ list. What are you going to eat today? How big will the portion be? What time are you going to eat it?


Slowly, over a period of MONTHS (not days) start to reduce your portion sizes. 


You can then eat whatever you like, providing you put it into the plan and are conscious of your behaviour. You already know that lettuce is healthier than pizza, I’m not here to insult your intelligence, but I am here to remind you that tracking your calories (how much you are eating) is the defining factor of success when it comes to a healthy diet (measured by fat loss and muscle gain).


If you try to stick to an impractical diet, you won’t find it practical! You WILL eat too much. If you eat too much you won’t lose weight. 


Stop thinking of diet ‘plans’ because that leads to failure, confusion and quitting. Start to be critical. Rip plans apart. Put them back together again in a way that suits you. Think: “will that work for me?” Decide: "That won’t work when I travel to London once a fortnight etc. so I won’t waste my time trying it.” Come up with solutions: “Instead of me having 3 meals and 2 snacks like that plan says, could I combine the snacks and just have 4 meals - two before 1pm, two after 1pm? Hmm, yes that may work. Let’s try it for a week and see.”


Structure & a practical diet. 


That’s how you’re going to go for a long term healthy lifestyle.


Ignore these principles and you’ll really struggle. Perhaps you already are.


Hope this helps!


Rise above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


PS - We are currently running 6 week trials, for free.


My team and I can help get you started on a coached program, within a group of people just like you (similar age and fitness level), in our private gym with no egos or meatheads. Just focused training, simple nutrition, and tracked results. 


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RSG fitness TIPs of the week

What’s up team, hope you’re having a wonderful sunny Friday.


We are getting a taste of summer now, it’ll soon be tops off time.


Are you happy with your body?


Getting stronger, fitter and healthier means you’ll have a leaner body - these things go hand in hand.


SO here are the top tips we’ve sent out this week in a nice easy summary 😃


Have a read - go and DO!


- - - - - - -


1) THE PILLARS OF LIFE - AKA “How to fix the CAUSE of fat gain, bad moods and tiredness"


> eat to a calorie target


> be positive


> sleep well


> meditate (breathe and be quiet) every day


- - - - - - -




A good morning routine will cover all the pillars of life (food, mindset, sleep and stress)


Some days you may miss, that’s OK. Just get back on track the next day.


Let’s do this - answer the questions in your notes and you’ll have a solid morning routine.


A) What time will you go to bed?


B) What time will you get up? Set your alarm now.


C) What will you have for breakfast? Go and buy the foods today.


D) How will you meditate? Headspace app, youtube, sitting and breathing etc. Choose a method now. 


E) What will be your calorie target to stick to? Use an online calculator or go to our FB group (


F) What will be one positive thing you will focus on all day long? Pick someone you love, or a big goal, or something to look forward to, or some self-talk.


- - - - - - -




Don’t try and “do” fitness for a little bit.


Make your plan B the support plan for plan A.


Make plan C and D the same too.


Get rid of your old, bad eating habits FOREVER - and you will live the life you want, with the body you want. 




> CALORIES - don’t do a diet - instead find a calorie target for your goal (ask a coach or work it out online)


> WILLPOWER - find 10000000000 ways to hit your calorie target whilst eating the foods you want (“meet you for tea? Of course. I’ll just skip the bread and have one small glass of wine thanks”)


> LET GO - truly let go of your old life, once and for all. You know where those habits are getting you, and it ain’t pretty.


Now go live a life that supports the body you want and MAKE IT EASY TO DO.


- - - - - - -


Rise above




Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


PS - if you want to check us out first, here's our pages....

no gym makes me sad 😔

A few weeks ago I went for a run


Now this is amazing for two reasons:


1) I was anti-running for a long time. Thought it would affect my strength & muscle.


2) I just got up off the sofa and did it, outta the blue, no planning or thought.


You know what?


I felt awesome.


Normally I overthink my training and try to make it perfect.


I use the exact sets/reps and effort scales that the research dictates


But that day, I just thought ‘fuck it I’m going for a run’ and I went


Took my doggy


I walked and jogged and sprinted and just played about all the way


Went along a river and through some trees and had a great time


I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it


Yet it’s quite normal really.


For thousands of years humans have been hunter-gatherers, only recently (evolution-wise) moving to agricultural jobs and very recently to industrial and technology based jobs.


Probably everyone your grandad knew was a farm labourer or equivalent


Probably everyone you know works at a desk


So we are confined indoors for most of the year, most of the day, most of every hour.


To take an hour out of your day and go for a walk or a run through nature is really helpful


Your brain needs it, all the stimuli (sights, sounds, smells) are so different from the city/desk life that something deeper arises


Breathing fresh air and getting out of breath stresses the body in a good way


In fact, aerobic trained athletes have been shown to live up to 8 YEARS LONGER than non-aerobic trained athletes


This is because modern life signals the ‘fight or flight’ response in our bodies - STRESS


Part of that stress response is inflammation in the cells (to prepare for damage from a hunt, fight or run)


Aerobic training reduces inflammation - it’s like the antidote


Or kind of like your body is gearing up for a threat that never comes, so the stress hormones remain in your body in some form


Aerobic training resets the button


So this week, get outside, go for a walk or run, get some alone time


You’ll feel miles better for it


Be different


Rise above




Anthony Shaw 


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym



PS - 

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Want some motivation, help and a big challenge to kickstart your fitness?


We have 10 places left this month for our best ever 6 week transformation challenge, and it is absolutely free.


Truthfully, this is all our best stuff from the past 8 years put into one fast-track program.


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> Ask questions and get motivated with your coach on hand online and in the gym for support


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See radical and visible changes in the mirror 


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the end of fitness as we know it

my world has been rocked


is everything we thought we knew about fitness been wrong all this time?


If so, it would explain why so many of us fail to achieve our goals of looking and feeling better.


Here’s just a few points to think about:




We’ve been sold the dream that training at a maximal heart rate for repeated sets of 30-45 seconds will increase fitness and burn fat.


Problem is, the research now shows HIIT training may contribute to overtraining due to massive levels of stress on the heart


The heart actually remodels itself depending on the type of exercise, and this must be specific.


There is a ‘strength trained’ heart and an ‘endurance trained’ heart, with differing characteristics dependant on the choice of training.


Thing is, marketing and the fitness industry told us that increased cardiovascular health and fat loss AKA endurance-type results would come from HIIT training.




Evidence shows that HIIT training actually develops more of a 'strength trained' heart.


Cardiovascular improvements come from cardiovascular training, there isn’t a shortcut




All recent research demonstrates that static stretching can be effective at improving flexibility


But not as effective as ACTIVE stretching (i’ll explain in a sec)


Yet what’s more interesting, is the measurements taken a few days later…


Static stretching appears to trick the body into allowing more flexibility immediately, but a few days later the muscle length is back to it’s ‘normal’ range.


Which explains why so many people stretch their hamstrings a lot yet never get any closer to touching their toes!


Active stretching is where you do two things back to back:


1) pull yourself deeper into a stretch using the opposing muscles (e.g. quads pulling hamstrings into a deeper stretch) 


2) contract the muscles you want to stretch and then relax deeper into a stretch


For example:


1) Sit on the floor, straight legs, drive your feet into the ground (contracting your hamstrings, the muscle we want to stretch)


2) relax and go deeper into the stretch


3) actively pull yourself deeper into the stretch with the opposing muscles (try to lift your legs from the ground)


4) relax in that deeper position


REPEAT for reps



Active stretching is MORE effective vs static stretching when compared side by side


and active stretching improvements actually affect the muscle long term, you keep the mobility improvements




Think about our evolution


We were hunter-gatherers for thousands of years


Yet right now I’m sat on my arse staring at a screen, which isn’t a classic example of hunting or gathering


You’re probably in a similar position, slumped over, reading my words (bet you just sat up straighter haha)


So our bodies are NOT being used for the tasks that evolution selected us to do


Like climbing, hanging, throwing stuff, jumping, squatting…




For years I’ve said that running is a stress to the system and may affect fat loss if people run whilst trying to lose weight


Now my opinions are shifting, based on research (and the above HIIT training reasons) that the best way to create a fitter, healthier body is to train the aerobic energy system


Of course, this could be fun stuff in the gym if you hate running, we don’t all have to go barefoot running just yet


But think about training the aerobic energy system as training a task you were designed to do.




Above all, the message I’m trying to send today is this:






COMPENSATE FOR THE FACT WE AREN’T LIVING AS HUMANS ANYMORE (aka train movement, strength and aerobic capacity)




Anyway, know that for YEARS I have pushed HIIT training, static stretching and strength training hard - and honestly there are still places for these tools.


But it’s time to change the priority AWAY from trying to get better at fitness ‘things’ and start getting better at ourselves. 


We now look at all our clients movement, test their strength, give them easy nutrition programs and give them lessons on sleep and recovery.


Modern life is MASSIVELY stressful, and the end result tends to be sleep-deprived caffeine and sugar monsters.


That’s who we help.


Are you a sleep-deprived, caffeine and sugar monster?


Well I have something for you today.


I have two 2x per week PT slots at the following times:


> 7am weds and fri


> 8:15pm mon and weds


Email me if you’d like to discuss this option.


Also I offer hybrid PT programs now, training with me once per week inside RSG and then completing 2 more workouts in your own time at another gym (good if your schedule is busy or you travel a lot).




PT is £234/month for 2x per week


Hybrid PT is £149/month for 1 workout per week plus a program


Both include our full online support and nutrition levels (5 progressively detailed homework tasks on nutrition)




Rise above




Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym


When you can't finish a program...

You know, I've probably started more programs than I've finished.


In fact, who am I kidding, I definitely have!


I've been lifting weights for over 17 years now


And every 2-3 weeks since day one I pretty much get excited about some new program, or diet, or exercise, or gimmick...


....and I want to jump in and try it!


But let it be known my followers, thy divine secret of all future gainz is....






You thought I was going to say the secret was a super scientific program?




Maybe you thought it was doing a 'special' diet, counting naughty points or something?


It ain't!


The only thing that will get you to where you want to be is effort and consistency.


But WHY?


I think it's going to be helpful for you all to understand exactly why.


There's a principle of specificity (don't worry, that's the longest word I'll use today haha) that states you get SPECIFIC results.


Specific to what?


To what you work on.


Going deeper, 4-8 weeks of work on ONE thing is required for your body to adapt. Say heavy deadlifts, for example.


You can't deadlift heavy ('heavy' relative to your strength, of course) on week one, week two, then get mad that you're not Eddie Hall on week three.


You'd have to push hard, on ANY program that required consistent heavy deadlifts, for 4-8 weeks.


Or what about fat loss?


You can't eat a cucumber for breakfast on Monday, a salad for lunch on Tuesday, then get mad you're not ripped to the bone by Wednesday (...then go home and have a bottle of wine and an apple crumble to comiserate)


You know this to be true.


Yet I have done this so many times it's embarassing.


I bet you have too!


It's funny to think about.


But destroys motivation over the long term.


And here's what nobody wants to talk about....


....if you don't pick ONE training program and go all in, commit, dominate and achieve mastery in it.


You will fail to see any results whatsoever.


That doesn't mean you can go the gym 2-4 times a week and it's all good.


What I mean is you MUST go to the gym 2-4 times a week, AND stick to one program until it's FINISHED (4-8 weeks minimum, 12 weeks maximum on most programs)...


...and then it's all good.


Same with diet. You gotta stick with it.


Or you just starved yourself for nothing.




Really contemplate this for a second.


This is WHY nobody is in great shape.


It takes a huge amount of faith to NOT see results for 2-5 weeks yet stick with the same program.


it seems ludicrous. Yet if you only knew that the GOLD was around the corner on week 6-8, you'd stick with the program.


But we can look to elite athletes for inspiration, to see that it can be done.


Take an olympian.


They start a FOUR YEAR training cycle, not knowing how the next olympic final is going to go.


Imagine that pressure, oh, and it's your job too. So win or lose your job (or at least, earn less than you could have)


Lot's of pressure! They can't change program halfway through, they have to stick with the plan or they'd have wasted valuable time....


SO they work as part of a team and they have:


> a strength and conditioning coach


> a nutritionist


> training partners


> emotional support and motivation from a psychologist




Unless you have insane self motivation and impeccable discipline.


I know that I don't


If you've read this far, you probably don't either


So if you'd like to finish a program for once and see impressive results, we have a 28 day program called LEAN in 28 that will give you:


> 3kg of body fat loss in 28 days or your money back


> a place on our awesome private training program, you'll have training partners, a coach, an online group for support and motivation


> your own customised, yet simple, nutrition program so you can fit in awesome, healthy meals in your day and watch the body fat drop off


> 3 team training sessions each week in our private gym. This is nothing like a commercial setting, us coaches know everybody by name. We motivate the team, and the team (including you) motivates each other. The atmosphere has to be experienced to be believed, this DRIVES you to push waaaaayyy harder than you could if training alone.


At the end of your first 4 weeks we sit down, set some longer term goals and make sure this is the first step of a complete lifestyle overhaul.


You'll make new friends, actually enjoy going to the gym, and see visible results in the mirror.


The price?


only £97


that's £24 per week for a private gym, a coach, a nutritionist, training partners...


...and half a stone of body fat lost or your money back!


It's an epic deal


We have a launch seminar this Saturday 11am


I will personally walk you through the nutrition, get you set up with a goal, get rid of your nerves and make sure that you're gonna get the results by the 28th day.


Up for it?


The first step is talking about your goals


Fill out an application here:


Sara will text you back and arrange a phone call.


There are just 5 spaces left on this program, first come, first serve.


So if anything I've said today struck a nerve, be brave, fill out an application and let us help you.


Speak soon (hopefully on Saturday!)



12 hours of hell.

There's no way to say this nicely


I hate walking, unless it's around a park, or on a beach...


I really hate walking up mountains.


But my lovely clients convinced me to walk the Yorkshire 3 peaks this past Easter weekend.


And you know what.....


I hated it, haha




But I did it!


And so did 30-odd other people in our group, raising money for charity and challenging our bodies and minds.


My feet are swollen and sore


But I want to talk to you about commitment.


You see commitment gets misunderstood when it comes to fitness


People think, 'oh all I need to do is raise up my commitment and discipline and I'll get in shape'


Which leads to you trying to eat salad and go jogging every day


Which sucks


Then you quit and CONVINCE yourself that you have no commitment.


I guess you're just 'one of those people' who can't stick to a diet.




I know you can get in shape.


I know you can stick to a diet.


You can even ENJOY training in a gym


Yep, I'm talking to you.


You have the commitment and the discipline inside of you


You're just doing the wrong things.


And the revelation hit me at the top of the 2nd peak on Sunday.....


Because, at any point on that mountain, if I wanted to quit, to go home. I would have had to walk FURTHER to get back to our bunkhouse than if I did the walk in the first place.


I had 'skin in the game'


I couldn't quit even if I wanted to


Can you apply this to your fitness?


Because this mindset forces you to stay committed.


This is why brides always make incredible transformations in the gym just before their wedding: they can't quit!


Or.....if they did quit they'd look like crap on their wedding pics.


Which is a clear, negative driver.


For me, on those mountains, having to walk further than I absolutely had to (if I quit) was a clear, negative driver.


This is why betting you can lose the weight with your friends is a great motivator.


or someone at work telling you you look fat.


That dark, evil shit inside your brain comes out and FIRES you up like nothing else!!


So what's your negative drive?


What don't you want to let happen in your life? Or to your body?


Maybe it's dying before reaching old age due to being overweight.


Maybe it's not getting into your 50s or 60s with joint problems or back pain


Maybe you don't want your kids to see you as a bad role model for health and you don't want them to have weird issues with food


I don't know.


I just know for a fact that committing to a goal where you simply can't back out is a powerful motivator.


Adding in a clear, negative driver keeps you disciplined.


oh, and trust me, having FUN is really important.


but when you join the right gym or hire the right coach, that stuff should happen anyway!


it's the mindset that has to come first.


want help from my team and I to put a fun, effective workout and training program into your life?


What about actually enjoying going to the gym, having massive support online, on the phone AND in the gym, rather than just being another failed statistic in a commercial gym?


Well, we're running a 60 day program


£350 for 8 weeks of intensive coaching (normally £500+ for 1-1 personal training)


Guaranteed loss of 6kg of body fat or your money back


AND best transformation wins 600 quid CASH!


All the info is on our website below...


ladies click here:


guys click here:


Deadline to apply is THURSDAY!!


speak to you soon




PS - I really do believe that training can be fun, effective and part of a lasting change to your life.


But you have to summon up the courage to reach out to my team and I TODAY.


We simply don't know who is reading these emails until we get an application.


I know you've probably been watching us online for a few weeks or months, the next step is actually NOT training with us, it's a phone call to see if we can help you, then you get to train with us if we can help you.


It's nerve-wracking to apply, yes, but the worthwhile things in life always are....and we're going to talk you through it anyway.


Make sure you apply today.


ladies click here:


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The truth! Nothin' but the truth!

Carrying on from yesterday's 'what they don't tell you about fitness' post....


here's a few more things:


1) you will NOT gain muscle from lifting weights


at least, not at the speeds you think


It takes 2-3 months of consistent weight lifting for a beginner to start gaining noticeable muscle.


Because the muscles prefer to improve neuromuscular aspects (co-ordination, muscle memory, technique etc.) first because they are less energy demanding.


Building muscle takes a lot of energy, so the body puts it as a last resort.


Even once you do start building muscle, 1-2 pounds per month is an amazing rate of progress.


2) You have ZERO chance of looking like a bodybuilder


When women (and men to be fair) tell me they don't want to look like a bodybuilder I sigh a long, bitter sigh. Because you won't.


Not only is it likely chemically/hormonally impossible for your body to look like someone elses.


But bodybuilders are some of the most disciplined athletes on the planet!


I doubt you are the top 1% of people in the world who can just pick up some weights and suddenly become the hulk.


That shit requires some serious work, sacrifice and persistence, not being mean but 100% of the problems you have right now with your physique are due to you not doing the work, making sacrifices and being persistence.


It's actually disrespectful to bodybuilders to say that you don't want to look like them, because you couldn't if you tried.


That said, there are of course a million great points us slightly lazier, weaker and less disciplined mortals can take from bodybuilders. Such as meal prep, supplements, recovery routines and the mindset.




Right now you may wonder, why the hell should I lift weights then?


Or, why Ant, do you get all your clients to lift weights and get them stronger?


Well, here's some more rapid-fire 'what they don't tell you' stuff:


> you can set black and white goals when lifting weights, e.g. have you lifted 100kg or not? Some people love that method of goal setting, me included.


> you can see a huge improvement in posture, decreased joint pain and a noticeably flatter stomach after 2-3 weeks of lifting weights, even with no muscle gain.


> the word 'tone' comes from the latin 'tonus' which is still used in physiology (I did a lot of that in my degree...yawn) to describe the partial/resting contractoin level of the muscle.


.....In short, want to be more toned? Lifting weights teaches your muscles to hold a higher involuntary level of contraction....kind of like when you pose in the bathroom mirror each look a little better than normal, right?!


> You can lift with other people, compare what you can lift with what they can lift, share technique pointers, set some challenges, dream about how strong you are going to be in a few years, the social side of lifting is huge!


> Bone density increases with lifting, the stress to your skeleton triggers thicker bones. Would you agree this would be great for us all as we age?!




Anyway, if you want to learn how to lift weights from scratch inside our awesome gym, Raw Strength Gym....and with a coach and a friendly bunch of training partners behind you every step of the way


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It will be JULY and the height of summer when this 60 day program ends, that time is going to pass whether you like it or not... better to be your most super lean, strong and sexy self, right?!


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what's in it for me?


there's only one thing that drives your motivation


it's the little nasty voice in your brain saying....


what's in it for me?


For example, losing fat is a 'you vs you' struggle where the 'good' side of your brain wants to eat clean, train hard and improve...


....but the 'bad' side is always asking what's in it for me?


Problem is, if you can't answer this question you will fail.


If you can't remind yourself WHY you want to get leaner when it's 10pm and you're hungry, then you will fail


If you can't remember why you started training in the first place when your workout feels like hell on earth....


well, then you'll fail!


It's not easy to come up with a 'what's in it for me' answer either.


I remember when I was playing rugby it was super easy to remind myself what was in it for me.


I had to make the team, or score on the weekend, or impress a scout, or to gain muscle to be more unstoppable.


that DROVE me!


When I'd get home from my washing-up job at a pub at midnight, I knew I still had to get my workout in...


So I went straight to my little home gym and TRAINED


'cos I knew what I was training for, what the reward would be.


Your problem is you don't have a clue WHY you're training.


Even if you think you do, it's not powerful enough to get you absolutely DRIVEN.


If you had an unforgettable reason, don't you think you'd be shredded by now?


You definitely would!


**that's why brides are more motivated than athletes too btw, they only get one day to 'peak' !


This is why your body transformation must start in the mind.


STEP 1 - Define your goal.


STEP 2 - Define the REWARD....but...uh....this is where it gets tricky....


and most probably because people are lazy as shit.


They don't want to sit down and think about how they'd look on holiday if they were 3 stone lighter, how much their kids would look up to them, how good they'd feel every day when they were confident.


Instead it's easier to set a vague goal of 'I want to lose weight'


and never add in the visualisation of the reward.


Fine. Well done for setting a goal.


But I know for a fact you will fail.


Some people link the end result, the pleasure, the reward and the visualisation of the end result with the goal.


Those people will succeed.


If you're not one of those people, you need to have a good think today


What's your goal?


Why is that your goal? AKA - what's in it for you?


That will spark new motivation in your mind like never before.


Train hard




PS - our next 60 day Shred starts on the 24th April, plus there's a launch seminar on the 22nd to get you up to speed fast.


What's involved?


> 6kg body fat loss in 60 days or your money back


> best transformation wins £600 too!


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