It's Monday, has the diet started?

It's Monday, has the diet started?

If not, don't worry - you're normal

Only 0.000001% of the population is out there instagramming their prepped meals

Most of us just can't do that

Here's why:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Office Snacks Are Coming to Town

Office Snacks Are Coming to Town

As we come into December this week, you will want to read this VERY PRACTICAL guide to sticking to the diet when at work.

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Stay strong guys, Xmas is only a few days and you deserve to enjoy it

You don't deserve to be dragged off track by snack-crazed work colleagues.

So here are a few ways to stay strong at work when everybody else is eating sugary, christmassy junk food.....

WIN weekend dieting....

WIN weekend dieting....

Sticking to your plan on the weekends can be TOUGH

Many people quit

But it can be super simple!

Let me tell you a quick story

A few months ago I was running a nutrition seminar at RSG.

'twas a Sunday morning, all was calm and well

I ran my clients through basic eating, how to focus on calories and be disciplined.

Towards the end of the seminar….

Xmas Fitness Survival Guide

Xmas Fitness Survival Guide

Most of the people around you will totally shut down for Christmas

Actually, they are probably on the mince pies already and counting down the days until they're off work

Then they'll go all 'Warrior Monk' on Jan 1st: no beer, no carbs, no mercy!!

...and they'll last about 10 days before going back to their old ways

Most people make getting in shape HARDER than it needs to be

Believe me, I've dieted through xmas before and there's nothing worse than being the boring person eating turkey and veggies ONLY and sipping on water.

My family thought I was an arsehole. And I was really grumpy!

Much better to plan a bit of fun AND achieve your goals.

So how could we all eat a little better around Christmas?

how to fix CBA thoughts

how to fix CBA thoughts

When you miss a few days of logging a new habit, your mind says something like:

"ah I can't be arsed now, I'll never catch anyone else up, I quit"

First there's a big drop-off in EXECUTION, then motivation drops off too

If you've tried a new habit and it's already disappearing, here's what to do:

Don’t plan - just start

Don’t plan - just start

as you go into this new week you may feel blocked

Perhaps you started a new diet and you fell off already

Or maybe you joined a new gym and haven't been for 2+ weeks


It's disgustingly easy to justify the failing. Your failing.

Here are some classic excuses:

Why did you fail on your diet?

"I was at a wedding!"

"I was travelling with work!"

"My husband bought us a takeaway!"

"I was eating out with friends!"

Scientifically, of course, we know these statements are BS!