It’s Time to Rise

Get ready to change your life, develop your body and take control of your mind FAST.

With the right focus you can bring out inner fire, untold energy levels and insane discipline to achieve your biggest life goals. With a clear direction for your training and direction you will get on the long, purposeful road to living a healthy life forever and inspire those around you

You’ll act efficiently towards your goals every day when you know exactly what you are training for and why. You’ll be in control. You’ll wake up excited to do the work that will create a positive change in YOU.

Every. Single. Day.


Take a look inside the 6 week journey that’s going to change your life and health forever ↓




Once you click the button and apply for the program it’s time to go ALL IN. Burn the boats. Cast fear to one side and awaken a clear vision of who you could become. 

You owe it to yourself to drop all excuses and commit to this because then you can finally start to shed the old you and create a positive, unstoppable mindset. 



It’s your first step on the journey when you attend your Momentum Orientation. You’ll join the team, choose your targets for the first 6 weeks and get a clear direction for your training and nutrition.

You will work efficiently towards your goals every day when you know exactly what you are training for and why. You will have the team by your side as you walk a proven path. Now, as we look to the future, the real work can begin.  



Orientation complete, you’ll be placed into a training crew, join your new teammates and begin your journey to a new, stronger life. This is no bullsh*t ‘get ripped quick’ plan. This IS a baptism of fire. Perhaps the hardest thing you will ever do. But nothing can beat the pride when you look in the mirror knowing you’re part of something special. Your effort, the teamwork and our support is the difference between all the times you failed previously, and the success you’re about to experience. 


How It Works

Our simple 6 week program was created to help our clients feel supported, confident and in control of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why over 90% of those that started on this 6 week introduction continue to train with us long term. Here’s what you will do:


Access 5 Group Training Sessions

Learn the core concepts of a positive mindset, physical fitness and strength in a fun and supportive environment. You’ll attend 2 x RISE Sessions plus any 3 additional classes from the list below. Work with experienced coaches on areas of physical fitness specific to YOUR goals:

  • Strength in our dedicated STRONG classes

  • Conditioning in our dedicated FIT Classes

  • Muscle in our BUILT Classes

  • Mobility & Recovery in our YOGA Classes


Learn New Lifestyle Practices

Here we supercharge your life, fire up your mind and remove absolutely everything that was holding you back. With access to our Member’s Area you get:

  • A simple nutrition process with practical homework proven to change your habits, your lifestyle and your body one day at a time.

  • Access to 6 Week Team Challenges on our dedicated App so it feels like you have a motivational speaker keeping you on track.

  • Resources to improve sleep, reduce stress and recover faster.

  • Over 30 high-protein recipes to inspire and guide you

  • Educational and goal-setting seminars for a positive mindset and better results long-term.


Track Your Workouts

If you’re not tracking your workouts, how will you know if you’ve improved? Track your weights on a designated App straight from your smartphone and record your strength, fitness and mobility progress in your own personal progress folder at the gym.

Your goal is to simply be a tiny bit better every 4 weeks and your coaches will help you work towards this in every session.


Change your Body Composition

Our InBody scanner shows exactly how much muscle mass and fat mass you have so we can see changes that traditional scales can’t show. Every scan gives a printout you’ll keep to see how your body metrics are improving. Your InBody scan gives a precise calorie target to improve your health (based on your muscle mass and fat mass).

You’ll see fast results as your calories are extremely accurate and tailored to you motivating you to stay on track.



Make a change for a stronger body and mind

Watch this member tell his story…




Our members get expert guidance and support so they can make a big shift in their body shape, strength & fitness levels. We leave nothing to chance providing that level of attention, support and knowledge so you can get the result you want when you simply MUST make the switch.

Here’s the type of results you can achieve with our programs and coaching. 

I’ve been going to Raw Strength Gym for six months. I love the supportive environment and motivational approach of the two coaches. This is not a typical gym, where you get a session upon joining with the trainer, and then spend weeks doing the same weights and reps. There is lots of challenge and variety and most importantly, you get results. (And make a few friends too!)



This is NOT for most people.
This is NOT an opportunity for a ‘quick fix’.
This is a chance to discover a life-changing way of training whilst we decide who is the right fit for our growing community of members committed to changing their bodies and lives. In our experience, most people are not ready to put the work in.

Let’s be totally upfront and honest here too, not feeling yourself, not feeling healthy and not giving your all in life can all come from being unhappy with your body. So maybe it’s time you stepped up and made the change.