Our Body Transformation programs have been tested on thousands of people in Warrington.

We have been running programs like this since 2010.

Before that our Head Coach took extensive education and work experience within Elite Sport. 

We care about getting results. 

This is dramatically different to most gyms.

Most of our members are new to training too; either complete novices
or else it's been a few years since they've been in the gym.

So how do we do get these results?

Well, first understand that we’ve found what works after thousands
of sessions, years of testing and applying over a decade of coaching experience to hundreds of people in Warrington.

Secondly, we coach every second of every session and focus on

So whether it’s a certain exercise or a complete diet plan that is needed,
we are on hand to guide you through your body transformation journey
so you can get results.

Finally, we believe in having a friendly and motivating atmosphere in every session that you do, this means you’ll come to every session and actually
DO the work because you enjoy the process!

This allows us to get radical body transformations in half the time
of other programs.

PS - We hate meatheads, gym bunnies and people that intimidate others.
You won’t find that here.




"Through the pursuit of strength, it is our mission to inspire within you a belief that you can achieve anything.

To transform your body, mind and lifestyle so you can be the greatest version of yourself."



“I love Raw Strength for two simple reasons, the approach is ‘raw’ and it’s about ‘strength’. The human body needs to be built on a foundation of strength, it defines everything. Ant’s approach is just that; build from the foundations upwards tackling every problem head on”

 Ben Coomber - Body Type Nutrition


“As a trainer, Ant talks the talk and walks the walk – he’s hugely knowledgeable about strength, conditioning and sprinting, but also has some impressive lifts in his own right. He’s a valued contributor to Men’s Fitness, though one day I’ll beat him in the log press”

Joel Snape - Associate editor on Men's Fitness Magazine

“Anthony is a very educated Strength Coach who I know has helped all his clients take all aspects of their athletic development to the next level. Carrying more power, more strength and more speed into their sporting performance”

Phil Marsden – Warrior Strength Training