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Fitness is broken.

Most of your life is spent under-slept and overstressed.
You eat junk. Drink several times a week and have no emotional energy left to make a lifestyle change. Trying to stack a ‘fitness solution’ on top of that mess is not going to work.

Yet that’s what most people are being sold by the fitness industry. You’ve probably tried this already… and failed.

These old, broken ‘fitness solutions’ keep you living the SAME yet expecting to look and feel better, bouncing around from gym to gym, progressing and regressing over and over.

It’s time to change, with us, right now.


Do you have the courage to see what you are capable of?

Your initial challenge is to admit that you are responsible for where you are right now. You’re not taking action. So you’ll stay comfortable, but you’ll never change. We call it Hibernation. Look, success is HARD. You have to take risks, step up, get dirty. Right now, the problem you have is nobody is showing you the way. And right now, you are not taking the right actions to change your life. 

If you want to change the direction of that tired, middle aged person staring back at you from the mirror, then click the button and see if you qualify.


The total package

We offer a range of memberships including our Small Group Training Membership RISE, FIT or STRONG Large Group Training memberships, Personal Training and solo gym access at select times. As a member of our Group Training and Personal Training programs you can access the following:

Expert Coaching

Work closely with our World Class coaches. Regardless of your experience or ability we'll teach you everything you need to know. Everything is personalised to you. Guess at nothing.


Daily check ins, support, education and food plans based around actual science and results, not quick fixes that will never last! Learn a way of eating that you can use for the rest of your life. 



Support like you’ve never had it before. No getting lost in the crowd, being left to your own devices and being unsure. We provide support, education and accountability in our private Facebook group and your own member’s area with nutritional advice and recommendations around sleep, stress management and more.

More than a gym

Be raised by those around you. The whole of Team RSG has your back as you embark on this journey. You’ll finally live a life of balance with a gym experience you love, can stick to and gets you the result you want. We rise as one.


Start your Journey

Once you leave the comfort of your day to day existence and decide to become better, you’re instantly in the realm of fear, doubt and the unknown. Understand this is normal. You are about to discover your personal limits, grow as a person and live by new rules. It’s time to start your journey and become the person you always knew you could be.


Our Values

At RSG, we believe in creating and instilling a sense of purpose in others. As a team we forge ourselves into a higher ideal. Through the daily pursuit of excellence you can become better than you ever thought you could be. We believe you can live your full potential. Everything we do is based on an inspirational purpose, a supportive environment and an enjoyable process. Because when you love what you do, you’ll do it every day. 



We help people live happy lives by waking up with a clear purpose, a sense of belonging, and the reward of achieving fulfilling goals. 


Working hard for your fitness goals sends you to sleep satisfied with your efforts. Our members go all in and make sacrifices to realise their goals. 


We pride ourselves on our team culture where everybody feels supported and inspired and commits to making a lasting improvement to the way they feel. 


To achieve big goals you must have patience and persistence. Our clients’ success comes as a result of their daily actions. 


Our Classes

Most group training programs take a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. At RSG we have a variety of classes in our timetable so you can tailor your training to suit your goals and what you enjoy. All our classes come included in your RISE membership so that you can work on all components of physical fitness, becoming stronger, leaner and fitter than ever before.


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