The Vision

Our Belief


We believe in creating and instilling a sense of purpose. As a team we forge ourselves into a higher ideal. Through the daily pursuit of excellence we can become better than we ever thought we could be.



Our Cause

The failure rate for a fitness program is extremely high. Commercial gyms are broken. The fitness industry is broken. Rather than try to improve what we know doesn't work. We must create a new paradigm, a new community that inspires change in everyone who wants it. 

Modern life is comfortable. But in exchange for comfort, we have given up our natural strength, health and vitality. Issues like depression, suicide, loneliness, not being happy with your job or relationship are all caused by this comfortable modern life. Or put more simply, we are all lacking fulfilment. 

It is time to live a life of purpose.  


Our Purpose

  • To help instil self-belief in every member, so that they can achieve everything that they are capable of.

  • To create a team culture where every member is inspired and committed to the cause of reclaiming their strength, health and vitality.

  • To build a team where each member wakes up excited to do the work that will create a positive change in their lives, feeling safe and supported, and getting into bed each night with a deep sense of fulfilment.


Watch this Video

The dirty little secret of fitness is that it's a daily grind. You MUST let go of your old self and become someone new if you want to create a NEW body Watch the video to understand this concept


Meet the Team


Anthony Shaw



Tom Smith



Sara Bradley



Anthony Shaw

Founder of Raw Strength Gym.

I believe that too many people are unhappy with their lives right now, and that's a problem. They wake up with no idea what they want to do or why they are doing it.

BUT I believe that if someone is motivated to move away from pain in their life and actually make a lasting improvement to the way they feel, they can do so IF they are inspired with a purpose each and every day, and if they are supported by, and serving, a team.

It's my mission to help people achieve their potential and avoid making mistakes along the way. My goal is to inspire, support and make the process enjoyable.

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